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Attractions Australia

If you are interested in sailing, diving, skiing, and seeing spectacular places in Australia for low prices, Direct Flights offers best deals for all travellers. Direct Flights provides discount airfares, accommodation, quality tours and travel, and train travel to enable you access to all of the popular attractions in Australia.

We help you plan your holidays ahead by allowing you to book your sightseeing and holiday packages throughout Australia and overseas. Australia has a wide range of both natural and manmade tourist attractions. You will find everything from national parks and tropical rainforests to galleries and museums. So whether you want to tack a Harbour Bridge Climb onto your Sydney holiday, organise a Great Barrier Reef excusion in Cairns, get tickets to the opera in Melbourne, or plan a wine tasting tour whilst in Hobart, Direct Flights has got you covered.

There are thousands of attractions listed on www.directflights.com.au, with hundreds more activities and attractions listed within their own separate categories on the site.

The Australian attractions featured on our website include a selection of guided tours, where everything is pre organised, to pick-and-choose itineraries that let you have a bit more creative control. Tours include Half Day Tours, Day Tours (up to 1 day), Short Tours (up to 4 days) and Extended Tours (more than 4 days). There are other types of tours with a duration of several weeks, whilst others offer a 'hop on / hop off' service lasting for up to 6 months of travel.

Since tours are considered to be a great way to learn about Australia, we have made sure that all the best tours are included in cheap packages. So go on, swim with the dolphins in Perth, take a church tour of Adelaide, find the Big Banana in Brisbane, and enjoy the wildlife of Darwin! Find your ideal activites package at Direct Flights.