Discover the Little Known Secrets of Finding the Best Cheap Flights to Canada

Flying internationally is always a more expensive option that flying domestically, but there are still tricks and secrets savvy holiday or business travelers can use to get the best deals.

By using these tricks before booking flights to Canada, or other international locations, travelers can save hundreds of dollars per flight. Of course, knowing where you need to arrive and depart from in a country as large as Canada will be the most important factor in getting started.

Fly into Larger Airports

In most provinces, there are several different airports to arrive for arrivals and departures. When booking the lowest cost flights to Canada, plan on booking arrival and departure from the same airport. Additionally, choosing a larger airport with significant international traffic tends to result in lower overall travel costs, providing it is also close to your destination.

Fly at Off-Peak Times

Flying out of peak season for travel is also a good way to tap into lower cost flights to Canada. The peak travel season is the summer months of June through to the end of August.

However, in many provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec there is also a significant winter tourist season for those who love to ski, which usually runs from December through to February.

Take Last Minute Flights

For those travelers with flexibility in their scheduling, taking last-minute flights and accommodation packages can save a lot of money off a trip. These may be offered during or outside of peak season, but they are more common outside of the peak travel times. By booking last minute, the airlines are willing to reduce fares to avoid flying with empty seats, so they provide top discounts. The same is also true for Canadian hotels and accommodations.