Cheap flights to Singapore from Australia

Cheap flights to Singapore from Australia

The ideal time to catch cheap flights to Singapore is between July to August. You can book with direct flights to find low cost airfare to Singapore.

Find cheap flights to Singapore from July to August and enjoy a great holiday. The ideal time to visit Singapore is between June to August. You can enjoy a season with little rainfall. Children in Singapore will be in school at this time. You won’t have to compete with locals when exploring the country’s attractions.

When to book cheap flights from Australia to Singapore?

Frequently check direct flights to find the cheapest flights to Singapore. You should think about booking flights to Singapore well in advance to benefit from low cost options. You may even be able to find a premium economy seat at a bargain price. Flight prices generally drop in July and August. However, airfare to Singapore depends on sales numbers. Airlines drop prices when ticket sales numbers go down. You can sign up for price alerts to receive notifications whenever prices go down. As soon as you snatch a cheap ticket, you can check out holiday packages and not vice versa.

Chinese New Year is Singapore’s biggest festival. Singaporeans celebrate this festival when they witness the first full moon of the year. Every year, in January or February, Singapore celebrates New Year. Travellers flock to the country to catch the festive spirit. But air ticket prices soar during these times. If you want to watch the city light up for New Year, book your tickets in advance.

A number of airlines fly to Singapore from Australia. Check out these airlines.

  • Singapore Airlines
  • British Airways
  • SilkAir
  • Emirates
  • Qantas Airlines
  • JetStar Asia

Some airlines offer deals when sales go down. If you are hoping to tour Singapore on a budget, browse the web for such deals. You can do this as a habit and grab those deals at a moment’s notice. In truth, Singapore is a good holiday destination anytime of the year. You don’t really have to plan ahead to enjoy the country’s attractions. But, if you want to avoid crowds, avoid visiting Singapore in December, January and June. These are the peak months for tourism in Singapore. The Great Singapore Sale takes place from June to August and this is also the low season for tourists. If you love fashion and retail therapy, this is the best time to visit Singapore.

Popular destinations in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island and Orchard Road are the most appealing holiday destinations in Singapore. From Singapore Changi Airport, you can take a taxi to your hotel. But once you settle in, go buy a MRT pass. Public transport in Singapore is convenient, fast and affordable. Once you buy a MRT pass, you can keep topping it off. The MRT connects to far corners and all attractions in the country. At every station you can find a map of the MRT lines and destinations. The signs are in English. You won’t have any trouble getting around.

Sentosa Island enjoys the same weather as the mainland. The best time to visit the island falls between June to August. It is advisable to avoid visiting Sentosa in December and January when monsoon rains affect Singapore. Buy a day pass to the island to enjoy all the attractions. You can find a lot of free attractions at Gardens by the Bay. If you are travelling with kids, they will love the water garden near the play area.

Dining at restaurants in Singapore is expensive. But some roadside shops sell delicious meals for just 5 Singaporean dollars. Visit Clarke Quay to soak up the city’s energetic nightlife. You can wander around, eat ice cream and then sit down at bar by the river to enjoy cocktails and beer. Explore China Town to eat delicious Chinese fare and buy souvenirs. You can buy key tags, coin purses and tiny porcelain bowls for under 1 Singaporean dollar.

When it is time to leave, go to the airport early. Changi Airport is beautiful. You can catch the light show at the waterfall and visit some shops for last minute shopping. Don’t forget to eat kaya toast and drink coffee.