Albania, situated in south-eastern Europe's Balkan Peninsula, is bordered by Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Its shores are bathed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, and its location in the heart of the Mediterranean, about 70 km away from Italy, makes Albania an almost uniquely convenient gateway to many different destinations throughout the region. Albania is a land of fascinating Ottoman cities, magnificent mountain scenery, pristine beaches, Mediaeval castles and churches, quaint villages and friendly people - a unique mixture that's relatively unspoilt by modern development.

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This is a small country, but travellers on holidays to Albania will not run out of things to do. Albania has something to offer almost everyone: castles, churches and fortresses from the Middle Ages, ancient archaeological sites, gourmet seafood, excellent wine, swimming in clear warm waters and hiking in the Albanian Alps.

Tirana is Albania's capital, a rich blend of cultures where Europe meets the Orient. The city features historical buildings and a wealth of inexpensive restaurants for travellers on cheap holidays to Albania to take advantage of. Berat is another beautiful Albanian town with a rugged mountain setting, preserved as a museum city by the former communist government. White Ottoman houses climb up a hill to mosques, Mediaeval churches and a well-preserved castle that's still inhabited. Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also features Albania's best collection of religious icons.

The ancient trading port of Durrës occupies a much-desired location and has an embattled history: control of the city has changed hands 33 times in the last 900 years. Founded more than 2,600 years ago, Durrës features a large Roman ampitheatre and an Archaeological Museum. The ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a well-preserved Greek theatre, a large Roman house, an early Christian church and ages-old massive city walls. Gjirokastra is another Albanian UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its unique Ottoman period architecture, cobbled streets, quaint bazaar and large castle. Direct Flights can set up all your discount travel arrangements whether you'll be flying out of Germany, Australia or anywhere else in the world. Best of all, Direct Flights will get you the best travel deals available.

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