Discovering Great City Features of Amsterdam


This is a famous city for young and elder people. The  largest city in Netherlands, Amsterdam is a great place to visit as there are  lots of things that you can see and do here. You will surely enjoy visiting this  place, whether you are looking for great cuisine or you wanted to immerse  yourself with its rich history. Prepare yourself for one of the most exciting  city adventures you will ever have and enjoy some of the city’s top attractions  and its unique environment.


Exploring the city by foot can be a great experience but  if you want to make it more fun and exciting, you should ride a boat to explore  its wonderful canal as it is highly recommended.  The amazing canals of Amsterdam were declared  as a UNESCO monument in 2010, the beautiful canals offers great attraction  where you can relax while enjoying sightseeing.


You can also explore the city using a bicycle. Cycling is  popular in Amsterdam, recent studies show that almost forty percent of traffic  movements consist of bicycles. You will see a lot of people riding their bike  to go to school and work. Tourist can enjoy a leisure ride; touring around the  city with bike can be exciting and fun. There are cycling tours that are  accompanied by experienced guides, it is advisable to hire tour guides to take  you to some of the beautiful sites in the city.


The city of Amsterdam is also ideal for art lovers. You  can find great museums and art galleries in the city. Some of the most popular museums  are the Rembrandt House Museum, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum.  There are also other popular museums that you  can visit in Amsterdam; one of it is the House Boat Museum. This museum is  situated near Leiddeplein and it exhibits different boats and how people lived  in house houseboats.


The city is rich in history, it is a place where you can  pay your respect for the past while enjoying a modern city comfort. Monuments  which serve as a reminder of World War 2 can be found at the Homomonument and  Dutch Memorial Monument. Visiting these memorials can be spiritually rewarding.


You can also go to the gardens in Amsterdam. You can  discover hidden gardens around the long canals of the city. There are over 20  gardens on the Amstel River. These beautiful gardens are open to the public.  Amsterdam has an extensive mixture of parks  and you can rest, relax and take a break from the bustle and hustle of the city  in these parks. Your children will surely enjoy visiting large parks with  amusement facilities.
        Shopping lovers will also enjoy visiting Amsterdam. You  will be delighted to know that there are plenty of shops in the city. You can  find popular designer shops here like P.C. Hoofstraat , independent retailers  are also popular here and you can find them in the Nine Streets.  Booking between April and September is the  best time to enjoy shopping as there are numerous shops in the outdoors during  these months.