Located in northern Chile, 18 km south of the country's border with Peru, Arica is often called the City of Eternal Spring. The city's tropical dry climate, warm waters and golden beaches make discount travel to Arica very popular. Book your travel package to Arica with Direct Flights today.

Arica, Chile


Arica is a coastal city in northern Chile, only 18 km south of the country's border with Peru. The city's tropical dry climate, warm waters and golden beaches make discount travel to Arica very popular, and Arica is often called the City of Eternal Spring.
In addition to its lovely climate, Arica features a fascinating history. Once a part of Peru and Bolivia, Arica was a crucial port for the Spanish Empire during the colonial period. Silver from Potosi, with the largest silver mines in the world, was shipped back to Spain from Arica. The magnitude of wealth that was concentrated in Arica attracted numerous pirates and buccaneers, and Sir Francis Drake, Richard Hawkins and Thomas Cavendish all looted the city. Arica became part of Chile during the War of the Pacific in the 1880s, but its port still functions as Bolivia's access to the Pacific Ocean.
Chile's northernmost city offers year-round summer weather, warm sea currents, wonderful surfing, miles of seashore, duty-free shopping, a lively nightlife, and plenty of culture and history. Accommodation in Arica can be used as a base for trips to the ruins of South America's ancient cultures as well as the amazing Parque Nacional Lauca.  What more could you ask for? Direct Flights, your online travel specialist, books cheap holidays to Arica. If you want cheap flights to Arica or complete Arica travel packages that also include accommodations in Arica, car hire and even travel insurance, Direct Flights  is the place for you. We'll help you plan your discount travel to Arica and then make the travel arrangements you choose, all from the convenience of your computer. With Direct Flights there's no need to visit a travel agent's office, and you'll get the better travel deals that are available online.
The Iglesia San Marcos, one of Arica's most unusual attractions, is a Gothic-style iron church designed by Eiffel. Prefabricated in Paris at the order of Peru's president (Arica was then part of Peru), the church was shipped to Arica and then assembled on site. El Morro de Arica and its Museo Histórico y de Armas provide a birds-eye view of the city, the port, and the Pacific Ocean. El Morro was the site of a decisive battle in the War of the Pacific, and Peru's defeat in this battle, which took less than an hour, resulted in Arica becoming a part of Chile. The museum displays displays weaponry and artifacts from the war.
Arica is also a gateway to the altiplano's Parque Nacional Lauca and its breathtaking natural beauty, including snow-capped volcanoes, pristine lakes and a huge variety of wildlife. Only about 160km northeast of Arica, Lago Chungará is one of the world's highest and most spectacular lakes. Volcán Parinacota, Volcán Pomerape and Volcán Guallatire are close by, and an excursion to this glorious national park is well worth the time.  Direct Flights can help you explore this and more- offering cheap flights and discount accommodations for holidays in Arica, Sao Palo, Bogotá, Mendoza, and hundreds of other must-see locations around the world.
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