Switzerland's capital, Bern is relatively small but boasts a charming, Medieval feel. Located near the centre of the Switzerland, Bern has plenty of attractions of its own, including its excellent Old Town, wide array of cultural activities, stellar restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Book your travel package to Bern with Direct Flights today.

Bern, Switzerland


Switzerland's capital is relatively small but boasts a charming, medieval feel. In fact, Bern has one of the best-preserved medieval districts in Europe, and the Gothic cathedral, 13th-century clock tower, picturesque fountains and cobblestone streets of Bern's Old Town almost make it seem like the city is a fairytale world that's come alive. Bern's Old Town has retained its original character so strongly that it's been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for many years.
Bern is an old city, founded in 1191. Legend has it the city received its name when its founder killed a bear nearby, but even if that's not true, Bern has long been fascinated with bears, even incorporating a black bear into its municipal coat-of-arms. For the last 500 years or so Bern featured bear pits in its city centre, now being replaced by a proper bear park.
Bern is near the centre of Switzerland, making accommodation in Bern an ideal base from which to explore the country. However, Bern has plenty of attractions of its own, including its excellent Old Town, wide array of cultural activities, stellar restaurants and vibrant nightlife.
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When you arrive in Bern have a stroll through Old Town's cobbled streets. You'll immediately see one of the city's most famous landmarks, the Zeitglockenturm (clock tower). The tower's fascinating astronomical calendar clock dates from the 1500s and features mechanical figurines which go into motion every hour. Old Town also features Münster Cathedral, Switzerland's largest church and an outstanding example of Gothic architecture. Direct Flights will help you plan your discount travel to Bern and then make your travel arrangements, all from the convenience of your home or office computer. Direct Flights can book your accommodation in Bern at the lowest price, along with car hire and travel insurance if you wish.
As the national capital, Bern is home to the Swiss House of Parliament. Its interior features numerous Swiss works of art, and Parliament Square is quite beautiful, with 26 fountains representing the Swiss cantons. The extensive collection at Bern's Museum of Fine Arts spans 800 years and includes paintings, sculpture, drawings, photographs and film. While there, art buffs can view the museum's particularly fine modern art collection, but the Medieval and Renaissance works on display are also noteworthy. Zentrum Paul Klee, a Bern museum dedicated to the world-renowned Swiss artist, features the world's most significant collection of his works. No matter where you’re coming from- Asia, The United States, or Mexico- with Direct Flights there's no need to visit a travel agent's office, and you'll get the best travel deals available.
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