Bilbao is not only Spain's largest port, but also the shining star of the country's unique Basque region. Travellers on holidays to Bilbao can enjoy rich Basque culture, fine foods, an array of museums and the sense of history evoked by walking in its Old Town. Book your holiday package to Bilbao with Direct Flights today.

Bilbao, Spain


Bilbao is not only Spain's largest port, but also the shining star of the country's unique Basque region. A striking city along the banks of the River Nervión, a funicular railway up the nearby Monte Artxanda provides visitors with a spectacular panorama of Bilbao, the green hills that surround it and the river estuary that serves as the city's lifeblood. Travellers on holidays to Bilbao often focus their visits on the area's rich Basque culture and fine foods, but the city features much more than that, including an array of museums and the sense of history evoked by walking in its Old Town.        
The winding narrow streets of Bilbao's Old Town (Casco Viejo) branch out from the Plaza Nueva and feature a Gothic cathedral, boutiques and bars, ancient homes and a colourful atmosphere. Bilbao's sometimes striking architecture includes the marvellous contemporary Euskalduna Palace, but the city has older buildings too, such as the Gothic St. James Cathedral. Basque cuisine, some of the best in Spain, is offered in many Bilbao restaurants. Bilbao's museums include the world-class Guggenheim Museum, the Fine Arts Museum and the Maritime Museum.        
A wealth of interesting excursions also awaits visitors with Bilbao travel packages: day trips to Guernica, immortalised by Picasso; San Sebastian, a resort with beautiful beaches and superb seafood restaurants; and renowned Biarritz, the French resort area not far away. Trains from Bilbao to Madrid, Barcelona, Galicia, Valencia, Alicante and Malaga allow visitors to easily explore other regions of Spain.       
Bilbao serves up history, culture, fine food and a lively nightlife. You can see and experience all this and more when you book discount travel to Bilbao through Direct Flights, your online travel specialist. Direct Flights books cheap flights to Bilbao and Bilbao travel packages that also include accommodation in Bilbao and travel insurance at competitive rates. It's all done from the convenience of your computer, so why wait?       
The fabulous Guggenheim Museum is almost certain to be one of the highlights of your discount travel to Bilbao. This spectacular museum is housed in a breathtaking building widely regarded as a contemporary architectural wonder. It showcases works by the giants of modern art, including Picasso, Dali, Miro, Monet, Matisse and Warhol.       
The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum features paintings, sculpture, drawings, engravings and decorative objects dating from the Dark Ages to the present. Its classic European collection includes works by El Greco, Murillo, Goya and van Dyck while its modern collection features works by Gaugin and Bacon. The museum also showcases a specialised Basque art collection.       
The Maritime Museum, located amongst the docks of the old Euskalduna shipyard, is dedicated to the sea and maritime navigation. The Euskalduna Palace, a sweeping triumph of contemporary Spanish architecture, represents the last ship built in the old Euskalduna shipyard and is a symbol of Bilbao's industrial and maritime heritage. The Museum of Basque Archaeology, Ethnography and History features exhibits specifically from the Basque region. It offers travellers on cheap holidays to Bilbao the opportunity to explore the rich maritime history of the region and its cultural life, including handmade textiles, pottery, weapons and furniture.        
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