Laden with historic charm, Bucharest is Romania's capital and largest city. Bucharest features enough museums, theatres, art galleries, Nightclubs, Mediaeval churches and modern skyscrapers alongside communist-era housing blocks and French-style palaces to satisfy any traveller on cheap holidays to Bucharest. Book your travel package to Bucharest with Direct Flights today.

Bucharest, Romania


Laden with historic charm, Bucharest is Romania's capital and largest city. Its elegant boulevards, Belle Epoque buildings, fashionable parks and stylish nightlife have earned it the nickname "Little Paris."
Bucharest is a city of contrasts, with Mediaeval churches and modern skyscrapers alongside communist-era housing blocks and French-style palaces. The city is also the cultural capital of the country and features enough museums, theatres, art galleries and nightclubs to satisfy any traveller on holiday to Bucharest. Renowned orchestras regularly perform at Bucharest's Romanian Athenaeum, which features acoustics rivalling those of Milan's La Scale.
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Princely courts were once located in Bucharest, including that of the fearsome Vlad Tepes, the bloodthirsty real-life inspiration for the mythical Count Dracula. A number of buildings from the Middle Ages still stand, along with the Royal Palace, exquisite Orthodox churches and Bucharest's very own Arc de Triomphe. Bucharest's oldest street, built in the 1600s to link the Princely Court to the Mogosoaia Palce, is lined by some of the city's most stunning buildings, including the Military Club, the National History Museum, and the Neoclassical/Art Nouveau Cantacuzino Palace, now the home of the George Enescu Museum.
Revolution Square is an historic site - Ceausescu's communist reign of terror finally came to an end there in 1989. The square is also notable because it's lined by the former Royal Palace, the stunning Romanian Athenaeum and the small but beautiful Kretzulescu Church.
The Neoclassical Royal Palace was once the home of Romania's kings, but now houses the National Art Museum, with works by El Greco, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, Rubens and Cezanne. Bucharest's History and Art Museum is housed in another Neoclassical palace and displays some 300,000 artefacts ranging from coins, books, maps, engravings, arms and furniture to traditional Romanian costumes.
The internationally-acclaimed Romanian Athenaeum resembles an ancient Greek temple, complete with Doric columns and a high dome. Its lobby features a beautifully painted ceiling and its curved balconies cascade off a spiral staircase. Frescoes cover the ceiling and walls of its concert hall, which features some of the best acoustics in the world. Beauty of another sort is at Bucharest's Metropolitan Church, the seat of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Its Byzantine interior includes a dazzling wall of icons and religious paintings.
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