The capital of Hungary, Budapest features treasure-filled museums and art galleries, culture galore, sightseeing boats on the Danube, relaxing thermal baths and a vibrant nightlife. Book your travel package to Budapest with Direct Flights today.

Budapest, Romania


A captivating holiday destination that's more cosmopolitan than Prague, more romantic than Warsaw and more beautiful than nearly any other city in Europe, Budapest sits astride a scenic bend in the majestic Danube River.  The capital of Hungary, Budapest features extensive culture with treasure-filled museums and art galleries, sightseeing boats on the Danube, relaxing thermal baths, and a vibrant nightlife.  Sometimes called the "Paris of Central Europe," Budapest truly is one of the crown jewels of the continent - a gem that boasts natural beauty and a charming baroque and Art Nouveau ambience.  No trip to Europe would be complete if it didn't include this delightful city, but that's easily accomplished - Direct Flights can arrange your discount travel to Budapest in a snap.  
The Danube River flows through the centre of Budapest, which was created by merging the separate cities of Buda, Pest and Óbuda in 1873.  Three islands in the river - Óbuda Island, Margaret Island and Csepel Island, as well as nine bridges, add to the city's scenic setting.  And Budapest possesses a rich and fascinating history in addition to its beauty and vibrant cultural heritage.  The city has retained its fin-de-siècle charm as the Queen of the Danube, and is also called the City of Spas for the relaxing thermal bath complexes that are served by natural thermal springs.
Some visitors on cheap holidays to Budapest want to relax, while others prefer to be more active when on Budapest travel packages.  Active travellers can enjoy bicycle paths, rowing in a park lake, ice skating and skiing.  And others will enjoy Budapest's varied shopping opportunities and numerous cafés.  The discount travel specialists at Direct Flights can arrange your trip to one of the world's great capital cities by booking cheap flights to Budapest and the accommodation in Budapest that you'll need while you're there.
Buda castle is one of the most famous sights in Budapest, a must-see Unesco World Heritage location with many interesting museums, streets, squares, restaurants and shops.  The Royal Palace is one of the classic symbols of Hungary.  And Budapest's 118 thermal springs in the centre of the city are one of the most unique features of the city:  the ruins of enormous ancient Roman baths, and old working Turkish baths that are still in use today, sit amidst modern urban innovations.  
The panoramic view of the entire city from the Fishermen’s Bastion is an absolute must for visitors on Budapest travel packages.  And a huge range of cultural entertainment is available to choose from during your cheap holidays to Budapest:  theatrical performances, musical concerts and lively folk dancing can be enjoyed just about every day.  The Castle District, the Danube embankments and Pest's Andrássy út are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it would be a shame to miss them, too.  Whether your trip to Budapest will begin in Australia, the United States, or anywhere else, make sure that you don't miss anything that the city offers - Direct Flights can set you up with flights to Budapest at bargain prices.