An archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean comprised of hundreds of islands and even more cays and islets, The Bahamas is an English-speaking country located about 80 km southeast of Florida. Travellers on discount holidays to The Bahamas can enjoy sports such as fishing, snorkelling and diving. Book your holiday package with Direct Flights to enjoy stunning sun soaked beaches and aspiring inland national parks.

The Bahamas

An archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean comprises of hundreds of islands and even more cays and islets, The Bahamas is an English-speaking country located about 80 km southeast of Florida. Visitors on cheap holidays to The Bahamas soon discover the diversity of this island nation, which offers enough variety to appeal even to seasoned travellers. The Bahamas, much like the Cayman Islands, are many different destinations all rolled up into a single scintillating package.

Cosmopolitan Nassau, once ruled by pirates and now the country's capital, is in an entirely different world from the arid wildlife sanctuary of Inagua.  Contrast to this is the bustling Nassau's size with the colourful tiny villages found on many of The Bahamas islands. Warm waters with cool trade winds provide the ideal setting for sailing, and regattas and races are held year-round.  The same warm waters are home to coral reefs and an astonishing variety of other marine life.
Book your cheap flight today and experience fishing in The Bahamas, the country's underwater parks, providing endless pleasure to snorkellers and divers.  The country boasts thousands of kilometres of shoreline with some of the world's most stunning beaches, while inland national parks provide homes for rare and endangered species such as the Abaco Parrot.
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Nassau's colourful past and Old World sophistication are preserved in its 18th-century fortresses and old Victorian mansions. Once the stomping grounds of the legendary pirate Blackbeard, Nassau has always been prized for its sheltered harbour, but nowadays, visitors on cheap holidays to The Bahamas prize Nassau for its elegant architecture, varied dining and local crafts. Freeport and Lucaya on Grand Bahama feature golf, tennis, scuba diving and fishing - a sporting paradise. The Abacos islands, just east of Grand Bahama, offer stellar sailing and spectacular diving and snorkelling amidst the Great Abaco Barrier Reef, said to be the third largest in the world. The Exumas provide even more perfect places for sailing, kayaking, kite boarding and fishing, with historic ruins and hidden beaches tossed in for good measure. So why wait, book your cheap flight to adventurous Bahamas. today!
Eleuthera Island, whose name aptly means "freedom" in Greek, delivers on the promise of its name.  Its glistening pink sandy beaches and serene colonial villages give Eleuthera a graceful air of casual sophistication and quiet charm.  Harbour Island, also surrounded by pink beaches, is just off Eleuthera's northern coast and is the home of Dunmore Town, the oldest and perhaps most charming town in the Bahamas.  San Salvador, the first landfall made by Columbus on his 1492 voyage of discovery, seems like it remains almost unchanged from those times.  Far from the madding crowd, San Salvador is the ultimate escape, with secluded beaches and clear waters offering divers great visibility.
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