Oporto's rich history, pleasant climate, cool wine caves and sizzling night life form the perfect setting for a memorable holiday in Portugal. Flights to Oporto, cheap hotel accommodation and attractive holiday packages are all available from Direct Flights.



Known as the 'Invincible City' for resisting the Napoleonic army of France during the Peninsular war, Oporto will be sure to win your heart. Watch the Douro River glint with flecks of gold beneath the afternoon sun, enjoy the cool breeze even during the summers, and sit back with a glass of  port and let the serenity of Oporto seep through you. Grab a discount travel package to Oporto and other Portuguese holiday destinations with Direct Flights.
As one of the largest cities in Portugal, second only to Lisbon, Oporto is a commercial center that forms the very pulse of the country's economy. This city is a major exporter of pottery, seafood and the famed  port wine. Mounds of freshly harvested grapes are carried in baskets around the city, and come together to make the wine that Oporto is known for around the world. Try the full-bodied port wines - including distinct  zippy white wines, ruby reds and young green wines with fruity bouquet flavours. No other place rivals Oporto's perfect setting for a truly memorable  holiday in Portugal. Take advantage of the best discount deals with Direct Flights for cheap flights to Portugal, or car hire and hotel accommodation in Oporto.
 If history tickles your fancy, spend a day soaking up Oporto's vibrant  past. Since the 4th century, Oporto has been under continuous habitation and frequent attack, yet fought bravely against the Romans, Italians, Moors, the Spanish and the French. In 1996, the UN declared this city a World Heritage Site, and the city's history is well preserved in museums and galleries. Enjoy a tour in a tram and admire the opalescent hues of dominant granite blocks in the city's buildings and the distinct skylights known as 'claraboias,' which are scattered like glass hoods over the brick red roofs of the houses in Oporto. Book Oporto destination activities, museum tours, and city         walks with Direct Flights.
If your interest lies in admiring architecture, visit the Church of Saint Francis which is famous for its Rome-inspired Baroque interior. You can also visit the Monastery Abbey of Batalha which is a most famous sample of Manueline architecture, named in honour of King Manuel I of the Maritime Empire.
A drive through Oporto is one of the best ways to enjoy the city's outdoorcafes and terraced houses. Try the exquisite wines and delectable cuisinethat combine Medieval, Oriental and Brazilian flavours. Get into the famed 'barcos rabelos" boats of Oporto that wereoriginally used to transport casks of port wine down the river. Don't miss a trip to Vila Nova de Gaia, which is home to the city's wine caves. Bring some warm clothing when you embark on a tour to visit the port wine cellars as the wine caves are kept at a cool temperature. Booking discount car hire in Oporto is easy with Direct Flights.
For those that want to boogie, head over to the sizzling night life in Ribiera, the Oporto hotspot where you can take your pick of glamorous bars, bistros and discos. Or if live, local music is more your style, take a stroll to the side of the Douro River and visit the famous Café Concerto Beira. To experience the best holidays in Portugal, browse through Direct Flights's user-friendly online search engine and book cheap holidays to Oporto.
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