Things to do and Places to Visit in Saigon


Saigon is the capital city of Vietnam. Saigon has  undergone quite a few names all throughout its history and today; it is  currently called Ho Chi Minh City. It is the largest city in the country which  can be found near the southern part of the country. Saigon is one of the best  places to visit when you are planning to go to Vietnam.


In order to enjoy Saigon, it is highly advised to avail  tours with experienced companies as it is the best way to help you explore and  get around the city as well as to know more about its culture. Spending time to  reach the top spots will allow you to get a glimpse of its rich history and  customs. This city has a tropical climate where you can experience a sudden  rain. When you go to Saigon, make sure that you visit some of its historical  sites, museums, marketplace and experience the native cuisine and nightlife to  make your vacation more enjoyable. Here are some places to visit and things to  do in Saigon.


Reunification Palace

Reunification Palace is the former presidential palace of  South Vietnam. This is one of the historical landmarks which serve as a symbol  of unification of the North and South Vietnam. As you enter the palace, you may  feel like you are being brought back in the past because the inside of the  building is well preserved. Make sure to check out the rooms in the basement to  see the phones and other things left untouched from the early 60s.     

Museum of Ho Chi Minh City

This is one of the most popular Museums in the country.  It is build around the 1880s and designed by French architect Alfred Foulhoux.  You will be amazed by the wide range of collections that you can see inside the  museum such as artifacts from French Resistance and the Communist period of  Vietnam. You can also enjoy fresh air and relaxing atmosphere in the Botanical  garden located outside the museum.

Cuisines in the City

One of the exciting things that you can do in Saigon is  to try the local exotic cuisine offered in many restaurants around the  city.  You can also try other local  delicacies such as Banh Knot, this is a fried coconut rice cake topped with  prawns or pork and served with a lettuce leaf. Another popular delicacy is the  Banh Cuon, a rice crepe filled with different ingredient which is often served  with fish sauce.


Night market

The night market in Saigon is definitely a paradise for  most shoppers.  You can visit the largest  night market in the city which can be found next to Ben Than market, a popular  landmark in the metropolis. The night market here is filled with a wide variety  of choices such as souvenirs, clothes, fabrics, bags, kitchenware, jewelry and  many more. It is usually open until midnight and it is an open air bazaar. Even  though it may not be as alluring as malls but the night market surely have its  own distinct character that makes it popular for locals and tourist.