Tirana, Albania's capital city, is a charming place with grand central boulevards, delicate minarets, historical buildings, a lively nightlife and many excellent, inexpensive restaurants. Book your travel package to Tirana with Direct Flights today.

Tirana, Albania


Albania has thrown off its former communist pallor and the entire country is awakening to its potential as a holiday destination. Tirana, Albania's capital city, is no exception and is now a charming place with grand central boulevards, delicate minarets, historical buildings, a lively nightlife, and many excellent, inexpensive restaurants. A potpourri of the Oriental and the European, Tirana is also an intermingling of old and new. The city features a rich blend of cultures and religions, and fascinating remnants of its Ottoman, Italian and communist past are everywhere, waiting to be explored.       
Prices are still low in Tirana, especially when you compare them to other destinations in the Mediterranean region.  Direct Flights can book you into one of the cheap Tirana travel packages that are available online. Direct Flights’s web site will quickly find the cheap flights to Tirana that are available and then book your selection. Direct Flights can even book your accommodation in Tirana and car hire if you wish.       
Tirana's city centre, along with the opera inside the Palace of Culture, the National History Museum, the frescoed Et'hem Bey Mosque and a clock tower that's a city landmark, are all located on or near Sheshi Skënderbej (Skanderbeg Square). The National History Museum's exterior features a huge mosaic that portrays Albania's long history, from ancient times to the present, while its displays inside focus on artefacts from the many archaeological sites scattered throughout the country.       
Tajvani, in Tirana's city centre, is filled with restaurants, casinos and bars. Surrounded by a huge lighted fountain with a glowing bridge, Tajvani is a colourful place that also offers people-watching: it's frequented by many Albanian celebrities. Booking discount travel to Tirana through Direct Flights is so fast and easy you'll be done making your low-cost travel arrangements in a snap.       
Albania is small, so you can also use your accommodation in Tirana as a base to explore other regions in the country. Petrela Castle, one of Albania’s best-preserved, is only 15 km from Tirana. Perched on a steep slope overlooking the road to Elbasan, it dates from 500 AD and was built to defend the ancient trading port Durrës. Butrint, another ancient Albanian city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a well-preserved Greek theatre, a large Roman house, an early Christian church and ages-old massive city walls. Gjirokastra is yet another Albanian UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its unique Ottoman architecture, cobbled streets, quaint bazaar and large castle.        
Berat is an Albanian town with a rugged mountain setting, preserved as a museum city by the former communist government. White Ottoman houses climb up a hill to mosques, mediaeval churches and a well-preserved castle that's still inhabited. Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also features Albania's best collection of religious icons. Direct Flights will set up all your travel arrangements, whether you'll be arriving in Tirana from Australia, Germany or anywhere else in the world.       
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