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Ceský Krumlov, a fairly large town in the southern Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, is a wonderful holiday destination for visitors looking for peace, quiet, and well-preserved examples of Mediaeval, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. Book your holiday package to Cesky Krumlov with Direct Flights today

Ceský Krumlov


Ceský Krumlov, a fairly large town in the southern Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, is a wonderful holiday destination for visitors looking for peace, quiet, and well-preserved displays of Mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.  The Vltava River winds through the town, and its quaint castle and tranquil setting give Ceský Krumlov more than its share of character and old world charm.  The historic city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Ceský Krumlov Castle, built in the 13th century, is the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic; only Prague Castle is larger.  Krumlov fell into some disrepair during Czechoslovakia's communist period, but rest assured -  much of the town's former beauty has been restored, and discount travel to Ceský Krumlov is very popular with visitors from Germany, Austria, and beyond - even as far away as Australia.  If you want quiet, relaxed holidays away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, if you want Czech folk culture and old buildings, Ceský Krumlov is your place.  Direct Flights has some great deals on cheap flights to Ceský Krumlov and can set you up very quickly.       
Time stands still in Ceský Krumlov, where the town and its ancient castle retain their colourful mediaeval character despite the passage of more than five centuries.  The castle complex is one of the largest in central Europe and includes more than forty historical buildings, a cylindrical tower with a sweeping view of the town, and a unique Baroque theatre with original equipment and fittings.  The Bear Moat, where the famous Krumlov bears lounge, guards the entrance to the castle.  You'll find the perfect picnic spot in the castle gardens, with its picturesque duck pond and gnarled trees.         
The old town lies below the castle complex and takes you back in time with its narrow, winding alleys lined with venerable houses, small shops and inns.  Have a slow stroll through the town centre's cobblestone streets and soak up the local atmosphere in the town's nooks and crannies.  The Ceský Krumlov Regional Museum features permanent exhibitions of Bohemian antiques, fossils and archaeological finds along with an array of interesting exhibits of local interest.  In the summer you can raft or tube down the Vltava River:  some of the local hostels that provide accommodation in Ceský Krumlov supply inner tubes free of charge, its a great way to see the town.  Day trips to nearby locations can also be included in Ceský Krumlov travel packages.  Ceské Budejovice boasts a large town square that's replete with shopping and dining opportunities.  Hike up Mount Klet, the highest point in the region with a gentle, 4-hour uphill and downhill hike through forest.  Or visit Kramolín Ski Resort, an intimate ski area that's perfect for beginners and children.  And Rožmberk Castle is another picture-perfect, lovingly maintained mediaeval castle near Ceský Krumlov.  Direct Flights can help you book a trip around the world.  Whether you hope to holiday in Ceský Krumlov, Valencia, Dresden, or another destination, Direct Flights can help.       
Direct Flights can arrange flights to Ceský Krumlov, via Prague, from anywhere in the world.  Book one of the cheap holidays to Ceský Krumlov that Direct Flights offers, pack your bags, and unwind.