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Numerous vineyards and olive groves, typical of the region, contribute to a unique landscape that's filled with dry-laid stone walls, winding paths, small creeks, enchanting beaches between vertical cliffs, and the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Book a Cinque Terre holiday package today with Direct Flights!

Cinque Terre - Italy's Rugged, Rustic Wonderland

The Italian Riviera, located in the Liguria region of north-west Italy, is one of the world's most beautiful destinations. With five miles of rocky coast, two high promontories, and scenic hillside houses and castles, Cinque Terre epitomizes the rugged coastal beauty that's characteristic of the area. Numerous vineyards and olive groves, typical of the region, contribute to a unique landscape that's filled with dry-laid stone walls, winding paths, small creeks, enchanting beaches between vertical cliffs, and the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Book a Cinque Terre holiday package today with Direct Flights!

Not as widely known as some other Ligurian holiday destinations such as Genoa, Portofino, Ventimiglia or Sanremo, Cinque Terre is one of the hidden gems of the Italian Riviera. Its name means "Five Lands" and it comprises five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the coastline, its five villages and the surrounding hillsides are all within Cinque Terre National Park. Plan your discount holiday to Cinque Terre with Direct Flights and save heaps on cheap flights from Australia to Italy, discount accommodation in Cinque Terre and budget car hire options to get you around Cinque Terre.

The Cinque Terre area is one of the most pristine, uncontaminated regions of the entire Mediterranean coastline, from Spain and France through Italy to Greece! Its five tiny villages perch like jewels between a beautiful stretch of isolated coastline and steep coastal hills. The region does not have its own airport, so there are no direct flights to Cinque Terre. But holidays in this beautiful area are well worth some extra travel time, as the region's relative isolation has preserved the traditional Ligurian culture as well as its natural beauty. Flights to Cinque Terre are available by means of train connections departing from Pisa, Genoa, Florence and Milan, the nearest major airports. Direct Flights can arrange Cinque Terre travel packages that include cheap flights to one of those cities, rail connections from there to Levanto or La Spezia, and from there on to Cinque Terre. Direct Flights will also book the discount hotels, accommodation, and car hire in Cinque Terre that you'll need while visiting this glorious area.

The best way to experience Cinque Terre's romantic aura is by walking some of the best coastal hiking trails in the world. A scenic five-hour walking trail hugs the beautiful coastline and links all five villages. The path between Riomaggiore and Manarola is called the Via Dell'Amore ("Lovers Walk") and some say it's the most beautiful walk in the world. The trail that connects Corniglia and Vernazza offers incredible views of the shore, and the trail between Vernazza and Monterosso, with its dramatic views of the sea, winds through olive orchards and vineyards. But you don't have to hike between all five villages - you can walk part of the way, then do the rest by train or ferry boat. Some of the higher walking paths are also worth exploring, including trails to Volastra (above Manarola) and Monte Negro (above Riomaggiore). Book destination activities for your Cinque Terren travel package today when you combine them with cheap flights from Australia to Italy, budget car hire options in Cinque Terre, and discount accommodation in Cinque Terre.

The village of Monterosso has the best beaches in Cinque Terre as well as wine shops, artisan shops, and restaurants. And accommodation in Cinque Terre is easiest to find in Monterosso. Its Church of San Francesco boasts a Van Dyck painting and a panoramic view of the village. The natural pier that's shaped like an amphitheatre, its watch tower and castle remains, along with its history dating from the Roman Empire, make Vernazza one of Cinque Terre's most picturesque villages. Corniglia is located on a steep promontory but can be reached by bus, car or walking up a long flight of brick steps called the Lardarina. Corniglia is characterised by narrow roads and a terrace that provides a view of the other four Cinque Terre villages. Manarola, situated along a stream and surrounded by vineyards that produce excellent wines, may be the oldest Cinque Terre village; writings from the Roman Empire raved about high-quality Manarola wines. And Riomaggiore, dating from the early thirteenth century, is known for its historic character and its local wines. The nearest of Cinque Terre's five villages to La Spezia, its church of San Giovanni Battista boasts two wonderful marble doors. Tour the five villages either by walking, by train or by discount car hire in Cinque Terre - Direct Flights can arrange everything for you!

The smell of the sea rising up steep cliffs with vineyards clinging to their sides, the aroma of herbs growing wild, the beautiful seascape and the fragrant scents of wildflowers- all this is the Cinque Terre. And from there you can also visit Portovenere, another of the treasures of Liguria, the nearby islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, or pre-Roman Levanto with its long sandy beach, painted villas, and restaurants and shops.

Because the region is relatively isolated, cheap flights to Cinque Terre are not plentiful, but Direct Flights can find them for you, and can get you great deals on travel packages to Cinque Terre. Direct Flights can arrange your cheap holidays in Cinque Terre by booking flights to Cinque Terre via Pisa, Genoa, Florence or Milan. Whether you're traveling from Australia, Rome, Venice, London, Prague, Buenos Aires, Palermo, Naples, Nice, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, or anywhere in between, use the online booking system operated by Direct Flights to book your discount travel package to Cinque Terre. The journey promises to be one of the most memorable holidays you'll ever have.