Copiapó, the capital of the arid Atacama region of Chile, founded by the Spanish in 1744, features a very dry but agreeably warm climate throughout the year. Book your holiday package to Copiapó with Direct Flights today.

Copiapó, Chile


Copiapó is the capital of the arid Atacama region of Chile, located near Caldera at an oasis in the Rio Copiapó valley. The city, founded by the Spanish in 1744, features a very dry but agreeably warm climate throughout the year. Mining is very important in the Atacama Desert, and as a result, several significant events in Chile's history first occurred in Copiapó: South America's first railroad ran from Copiapó to Caldera, it was the site of the nation's first gas works, and the country's first telegraph and telephone lines appeared there.
Copiapó blossomed during an 18th-century gold rush but it really began to flourish when silver was discovered at Chañarcillo in the 1800s. The city retains many historic buildngs as reminders of its past and is worthy of a visit itself, but it also makes a handy stopover for travel between La Serena and Antofagasta. Visitors on Copiapó travel packages sometimes use their accommodation in Copiapó as a base from which to explore the remote mountains near Chile's border with Argentina, including the astonishing Parque Nacional Nevado Tres Cruces, Laguna Verde and Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano in the world.
Flights to Copiapó arrive at a newly-constructed airport about 40 km northwest of the city, and with daily flights arriving at Antofagasta, La Serena and Santiago, Copiapó is not hard to get to. Direct Flights is your headquarters for discount travel to Copiapó. Direct Flights books cheap flights to Copiapó from the comfort and convenience of your home or office computer, and we'll get you the best travel deals available.
Some of the highlights of your travel itinerary might include the Museo Mineralógico, the Museo Regional de Atacama and the grounds of the historic Escuela de Minas at the Universidad de Atacama. The Museo Mineralógico is the most comprehensive mineralogy museum in Chile and features one of the most complete collections in the world. An extra-terrestrial silver rosicler stone extracted from the Chañarcillo mine is one of the most valuable items on display. Housed in a home that was built in the 1830s, the neoclassical Museo Regional de Atacama presents exhibits that display the history of the region. The exhibits include cultural artifacts from pre-Columbian times, regional flora and fauna, and items relating to the mining industry. The Escuela de Minas is a treat for railroad enthusiasts - it features the beautiful yellow-and-black Locomotora Copiapó, thought to be the first locomotive used on the ground-breaking railway line between Caldera and Copiapó railway line, South America's first train service.
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