Located at the geographic centre of Argentina, Cordoba is Argentina's second largest city and a capital of Argentine high culture. The city offers a wealth of activities for travellers and accommodation in Cordoba is widely available. Book your holiday package with Direct Flights today.

Cordoba - Argentina's Second City

Located at the geographic centre of Argentina, Cordoba is Argentina's second largest city next to Buenos Aires, and a capital of Argentine high culture. Founded in the 1500s, Cordoba was one of the first Spanish colonial capitals in South America. The city has evolved from its colonial beginnings, and visitors on Cordoba travel packages find a unique fusion of classic and contemporary culture. Book discount travel packages and cheap flights from Australia to Cordoba with Direct Flights.

One of the legacies of Cordoba's colonial history is its architecture - history can be witnessed just walking down the city's streets. Yet Cordoba's location, in the heart of Argentina between Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, provides the city with a modern, dynamic environment and a bustling atmosphere. The city offers a wealth of activities for travellers and discount hotels and accommodation in Cordoba is widely available. Plan and book accommodation in Cordoba with Direct Flights, and stay in the heart of this incredible city! Vibrant nightlife, a strong tradition of competitive sports, and a love of outdoor recreation are hallmarks of the local culture, and visitors on Cordoba travel packages are welcomed.

There's no shortage of things to see and do during your visit to Cordoba. With its exquisite balance of timeless tradition and chic modernism, there is something for nearly everyone in this energetic city. A good way to begin your exploration is a walking tour of Cordoba. Start at the heart of the historic quarter, the Plaza San Martin. Some of Cordoba's most significant buildings surround the Plaza. The San Martin Theatre, built in 1891, is the oldest theatre of its kind in Argentina. Originally an opera house, the theatre has superior acoustics and is the current home of a variety of symphony concerts and stage productions. The Cordoba Cathedral is an eclectic structure that features architectural elements dating back to as early as 1577, but as its completion took over two hundred years, it incorporates several different architectural styles. The Monasterio de Santa Teresa is just off Plaza San Martin. Formerly a Carmelite nunnery, it now houses the Juan de Tejeda Religious Art Museum. Guides show visitors around the courtyards, gardens and former cells of the nuns, which feature religious art. Book things to see and do in Cordoba, like Cordoba museum and walking tours, while your planning your Cordoba holiday travel package with Direct Flights.

Cordoba's Jesuit Block is the home of the Jesuit system's core buildings and operations. Declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site, it contains the Jesuit University and the church and residence of the Society of Jesus. It also houses five farming estates (Estancias) with secular and religious elements. Demonstrating the "fusion of European and indigenous values," the Estancias provide a unique view into colonial South America.

New Cordoba is a commercial center by day and a sizzling hot spot by night, with pubs, discos, restaurants and shopping plazas lining its streets. A casino in nearby Carlos Paz graces the shore of San Roque Lake. And sporting events are very big in Cordoba, with two major football teams, one of the best basketball teams in South America, and golf. All that Cordoba offers can be yours, just a click away by booking one of the cheap flights to Cordoba that are available on the Direct Flights website.

Although Cordoba itself features plenty of activities, many other destinations are just a short ride away. Natural beauty and history combine outside the city limits, with the majesty of the Andes and small colourful towns like Ichiras well within reach during your discount travel to Cordoba. A weekend excursion to Valle de Punilla rewards travellers with striking landscapes, horseback riding along wooded trails, swimming in a pristine lake, and hiking through mountain passes. The Mar Chiquita Lagoon, located just northeast of Cordoba Province, is a large salt depression with water that's said to be therapeutic, diverse wildlife and unsurpassed sport fishing. And Achiras, located very near to Cordoba, is a village that remains true to its past, retaining its traditional culture and resisting most modern advancements.

Getting to this classic South American city is simple, with daily flights to Cordoba arriving from Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Bariloche and a variety of other Latin America cities. And connecting flights to Cordoba are available from locations around the world, including Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand and the South Pacific. The availability of cheap flights to Cordoba, and the wide variety of accommodation in Cordoba that's available, make Cordoba travel packages very easy to arrange. Just visit the Direct Flights website to book your discount travel package to Cordoba today.