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As the friendliest city in Europe, Dublin is perfect for travellers looking to expand their global social network. Coupled with a vibrant music scene and a colourful nightlife, travelling to Dublin is a must for every traveller looking to experience Irish culture.
Founded as a Viking settlement, Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin has a strong cultural history, with literary greats such as Oscar Wilde and James Joyce as well as rock bands such as U2 and Thin Lizzy, hailing from the area. Visit Ireland’s largest libraries and literary museums in Dublin, such as the National Print Museum of Ireland and the National Library of Ireland. Or pick a pub in one of Dublin’s 600 pubs; a popular area is the Temple Bar district, which is Dublin’s cultural quarter. For the ultimate Irish experience, plan a trip to Dublin in March and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the most authentic way!
There are also many tours and travel packages available for exploring the city of Dublin. Hop on and hop off the open top tour buses known for their driver’s funny commentaries about the major tourist spots, or sign up for the Viking Splash Tours, where a WWII amphibious craft takes you on a tour of the city and its rivers. Ghost tours are also popular, ranging from the themed Dublin Ghostbus to the Zozimus Experience, a tour hosted by a blind storyteller. Book tours such as these, along with accommodation in Dublin, to create your own discount travel package on Direct Flights.
Accommodation ranges from youth hostels to hotels. Highly recommended is the Grafton House, a building with a combination of old and new, with its Victorian Gothic style façade and simple, modern interiors. Book this hotel or choose from the wide range of accommodation in Dublin available at Direct Flights.
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