Ecuador is a fairly small country in South America. Visitors to Ecuador can experience volcanoes in the Andes Mountains, tropical jungles and Pacific beaches, along with its fascinating indigenous culture. Book your travel package to Ecuador with Direct Flights today.



Ecuador is a fairly small country in South America which is bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. In addition to its mainland territory, Ecuador also includes the renowned Galápagos Islands, more than 950 km out to sea. The country's mainland sits on the Earth's equator, but the country features a wide diversity of climates, terrains and wildlife. Travellers on cheap holidays to Ecuador can experience volcanoes in the Andes Mountains, tropical jungles and Pacific beaches, all in the same day. The country's mountaineering, hiking, horseback riding, surfing and wide array of other outdoor activities, along with its fascinating indigenous culture, are just waiting to be experienced by visitors on Ecuador travel packages.               
The country's capital is Quito and its largest city is Guayaquil, but there are plenty of other places to visit in Ecuador while you're there. One of the beauties of this country is that it's small enough that if you want, you can experience completely different surroundings within the same day. If you'd like to experience the diverse offerings of this spectacular South American country, Direct Flights books cheap holidays to Ecuador. Our online travel search engine finds cheap flights to Ecuador and Ecuador travel packages that also include accommodation in Ecuador at prices for any budget. We'll help you plan your discount travel to Ecuador and then set up your arrangements from the convenience of your computer. And best of all, Direct Flights will help you get the better travel deals that are available online. Book your cheap flights to Ecuador, and cheap accommodation in Ecuador, and get started on your discount holiday package to Ecuador today!       
From native highland markets to steamy Amazon jungles; from exotic orchids to the even more exotic wildlife of the unforgettable Galápagos Islands; from traditional indigenous costumes to colonial architecture left by the Spanish; from windswept grasslands to snow-capped volcanoes; from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Baños with its lively nightlife: all this and more is Ecuador.       
Quito is located in a spectacular mountain valley edged by volcanoes. Its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with narrow lanes full of street vendors and rich colonial-era grandeur. But other areas of the city feature modern accommodation, cafés, international restaurants, cybercafés and bars. Guayaquil is a city along the Río Guayas and the Malecón is the city’s riverfront gathering place and cultural centre. Cuenca offers narrow cobblestone streets and handsome plazas and churches. It might be even more beautiful than Quito and is an intriguing blend of colonial and modern that features art galleries, diverse restaurants and a rich history. Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, its importance in pre-Columbian South America rivaled that of the imperial capital at Cuzco. Book cheap flights to Ecuador with Direct Flights. Plan and book a cheap holiday package to Ecuador, or take a South American tour and hit up Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuala, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia!       
Idyllic Baños is decorated by a beautiful waterfall and surrounded by mountains and thermal baths; it serves as a gateway to the steamy jungle. The Central Highlands and its "Avenue of the Volcanoes" are paradise on Earth for mountain climbers and hikers, but the region also features dozens of tiny villages, many of which are remote and essentially unchanged from what they were centuries ago. And the almost-mythic Galápagos Islands and their almost-untouched assemblage of wildlife await in the Pacific Ocean.       
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