A rich recipe of modern urban amenities, captivating cultural activities and quality discount accommodation cause travel magazines to annually name Edinburgh a world-class holiday destination. Cheap flights to Edinburgh are available through Direct Flights.



Beautiful and vibrant, Edinburgh provides the perfect contrast to the quiet serenity of the rugged Scottish terrain that surrounds it.  With one of the most picturesque cityscapes in the world, streets steeped in history and a thriving cultural scene, it's easy to understand why Edinburgh is one of Europe's major tourist destinations.  A rich recipe of modern urban amenities, captivating cultural activities and quality discount accommodation cause travel magazines to annually name Edinburgh a world-class holiday destination.           
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The ideal destination city for a holiday, Edinburgh balances traditional and contemporary activities in its own unique way. Tour the city highlights in an open-top bus. Investigate world-class museums and art galleries.  Attend one of Edinburgh's world famous cultural festivals. Visit its vast collection of Medieval and Georgian architecture. Or take advantage of  fabulous shopping opportunities and abundant restaurants and pubs. Did you know that part of Edinburgh is located on an ancient extinct volcano that is a geological "Site of Special Scientific Interest" in the United Kingdom?
Although Glasgow is Scotland's industrial, commercial and trade centre, Edinburgh is, and always has been, Scotland's intellectual and cultural centre. Its nickname, "The Athens of the North," reflects its status as one of the greatest cultural centres of the United Kingdom. The heart of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that combines the Medieval Old Town with stunning modern architecture. Historical sites such as Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Georgian New Town provide endless fascination for discount holiday travellers.
Edinburgh could also be called "The Festival City," as festivals are what Edinburgh does best.  The annual Edinburgh Festival is a collection of summer events that cause a four-week cultural explosion beginning in early August each year. The most famous of these events are the Edinburgh Fringe performing arts festival, the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival, but there are many, many more.  The city also comes alive with festival fever during the winter, including the month-long Edinburgh's Christmas and the world famous Hogmanay celebrations.  During the spring, Edinburgh features the Ceilidh Culture festival, the Science Festival and the Film Festival.  The Children's International Theatre Festival starts the summer off with live performing arts for all ages.  With such a vibrant and far-ranging schedule of international festivals and events, discount travel to Edinburgh will always provide something to tempt you.  Plan a book a discount flight to Edinburgh or discount holiday package to Edinburgh with Direct Flights.      
 In addition to its festivals and fascinating architecture, Edinburgh features a large number of museums and libraries, many of which are national institutions.  The Museum of Scotland, the Royal Museum, the National Library of Scotland, the National War Museum of Scotland, the Museum of Edinburgh, the Museum of Childhood and the Royal Society of Edinburgh are all popular stops with travelers on holiday in Edinburgh.       
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