Fiji holiday packages

Fiji family holidays are famously indulgent and luxurious. While you look for Fiji holiday packages, you can also use the Direct Flights websites to find inexpensive deals to save on airfare. Here is a brief guide to help you organize your Fiji vacation.

Best time to go to Fiji

Weather in Fiji is hot and humid from November to April while from May to October, weather becomes mild yet dry. Flight prices and accommodation rates soar in July, August and in December. Typically, October to November is the ideal period to visit Fiji. Weather becomes pleasant and crowds tend to stay away during these months. Try to avoid the wet season.

Fiji accommodation – Luxury escapes Fiji

Here are some of the best resorts in Fiji for family holidays.

Marriott resort Momi Bay Fiji is a 5 star resort that offers everything you could imagine from shady lagoon beaches, fine dining, and spa treatment. It is an idyllic haven to sip fruity cocktails and catch spectacular sunsets.  Guests generally rave about the Fish bar at the resort. Your kids can safely play at the Turtles Kids’ Club while you pamper yourself.

Castaway Isalnd Fiji is a 4 star resort tucked away amidst tropical rainforests and golden sandy beaches. The resort provides easy access to many-hued coral reefs and aquamarine South Pacific waters. You can spend lazy hours on the beach, enjoying therapeutic massages or dining on island food. But if you love adventure, you can go surf at Cloudbreak. The resort’s guest rooms are beach bures (bungalows) with Fijian style thatched roofs.

Be on the lookout for resort offers.

How to enjoy your holiday

Meet sea creatures as you snorkel or scuba dive. Fiji is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the entire planet. You’ll get to see a huge variety of marine life up close and personal. You will find enchanting reefs off the coast of most beaches in Fiji. Namena Marine Reserve and Somosomo Strait are probably the best locations to scuba dive and snorkel in Fiji. You’ll find yourself face to face with a hawksbill turtle, barracuda and blue ribbon eels.


As you head inland from Fiji’s pristine beaches, there are lush forests full of waterfalls and hills.  Go for a hike. If you love waterfalls, visit the Bouma National Heritage Park. If you are up for a challenging hike, go to the Des Voeux Peak. The view from the summit is breattaking. If you wish to go further, continue to Lake Tagimaucia. It is a crater lake perched 823 meters above sea level.


Adventure lovers can try watersports. Paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking are popular options. The waters near Fiji islands are crystal clear and you will catch many glimpses of the vibrant world beneath. If you love the thrill of the ride, rent a jet ski to cruise through the salty sprays.


Most hotels and resorts in Fiji come with private beaches. There are even private islands. Lie on the soft, silky white sand and gaze into the azure depths. Soak up the sun and sip cocktails. There are few non-private beaches you can visit too.    

  • Liku Beach
  • Yasawa Island Beach
  • Mana Island beaches
  • Natadola Beach

One of the best ways to capture the beauty of Fiji is to go zip lining. You can ask your travel agent to organize a zip line tour for the entire family. Drink in the views of waterfalls and the wide ocean.

Don’t forget to meet the locals and take part in traditional ceremonies. Kava ceremonies are rather popular. Kava is a local drink made from kava roots. When someone offers you kava, you are supposed to clap three times and gulp the drink in one go. Afterwards, clap three times again to show your appreciation. Kava taste like earthy tea. If you can, go for a ‘lovo’, a Fijian version of a barbeque. They wrap food in banana leaves and bake those over hot rocks.

Important tips

You can use share taxis to save money on long journeys. Share taxis pick up as many passengers as they can and divide the fare. Don’t forget to buy cheap food from snack stands if you wish to save some cash. When you go to outer islands, take most things you need along with you. Everything is about 50 percent cheaper on the main island. You can save a lot on water, alcohol and snacks if you can take these along with you.