World-renowned for its glorious art, and beloved for its architecture, Florence is a truly remarkable city. The delightful capital of Tuscany, Florence was a centre of mediaeval trade and the birthplace of Renaissance art. Book your travel package to Florence with Direct Flights today.



World-renowned for its glorious art, and beloved for its architecture, Florence is a truly remarkable city. The delightful capital of Tuscany, Florence was a centre of mediaeval trade and the birthplace of Renaissance art. Long under the de facto rule of the famous Medici family, for a short time the fabled city was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. Book your discount holiday travel package to Florence today with Direct Flights!
Virtually all the classic sights of Florence are located within the historic city centre, making Florence a walker's paradise.  The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a leisurely stroll reveals some of the world's foremost museums together with an appealing variety of historic buildings.  Cheap flights to Florence are abundant, and accommodation in Florence is available in a wide price range, easy to book at the same time you set up your discount travel to Florence through Direct Flights.         
Florence's most famous square is Piazza della Signoria, the heart of the historic centre and an open-air sculpture exhibit.  The piazza has been Florence's political centre since the Middle Ages and is the site of Florence's town hall, the Palazzo Vecchio, which features elaborately decorated public rooms and private apartments.  A bounty of cafes and restaurants provide refreshments around the sides of the square. Book hotels and accommodation in Florence with Direct Flights and save heaps on hotel rates while staying in the heart of this incredible city.        
The most popular attraction in Florence is its Duomo (cathedral), the Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore.  Made of green, pink and white marble, this huge Gothic church took 140 years to build and holds 20,000 people.  The exterior has several elaborate doors, but Brunelleschi's dome inside is an absolute masterpiece.  Giotto's Campanile (Bell Tower) is in Piazza del Duomo, with panoramic views of the Cathedral and the city awaiting those who climb to the top. The Baptistery of John the Baptist, from the 11th century, is one of the oldest buildings in Florence. Its exterior is made of green and white marble and has three sets of amazing bronze doors.  The interior features some marvelous mosaics and a marble pavement that depicts the zodiac.  The Duomo Museum exhibits works that were once a part of The Duomo, The Baptistery and the Campanile.  Its many displays include some of the original tools used to construct the Duomo,  the unfinished "Pietà" by Michelangelo, the original Baptistery doors and a wooden sculpture of Mary Magdalene by Donatello.          
The Ponte Vecchio, built in 1345 to allow crossings over the city's Arno River, is the only surviving bridge from Florence's mediaeval days and a true Florentine icon. Another iconic structure is the world-renowned Galleria degli Uffizi. The Uffizi Gallery houses the world's most significant collection of Renaissance art, thousands of paintings from mediaeval to modern times, and antique sculptures, illuminations and tapestries. Notable artists whose works are in the Uffizi include Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Perugino and Raphael. Florence's Galleria dell' Academia also houses important mediaeval and Renaissance paintings and sculptures: the most famous sculpture in the world - Michelangelo's "David" - is located in this gallery. Get cheap flights from Australia to Florence with Direct Flights and begin your dream Italian holiday today!
The Pitti Palace, once the grand home of the Medici family, is the largest palazzo in Florence. And the nearby Boboli Garden, with its peaceful gardens and beautiful fountains, provides a great change of pace from the art and architecture of Florence. Santa Croce, in Piazza Santa Croce, is the largest Franciscan church in Italy and holds the tombs of several important Florentines, including Michelangelo and Dante. It also contains exceptional stained glass windows, frescoes, and one of Brunelleschi's most important works, the Cappella dei Pazzi. Direct Flights can help you plan and book discount flights to Florence, cheap car hire in Florence and budget accommodation in Florence, and throughout Italian hotspots such as Rome, Palermo, Venice, Milan,  Pisa, Cinque Terre, Naples, and Brindisi.
Museo Archeologico features fascinating collections of Etruscan, Egyptian, and Greek art, including Egyptian statues, Greek pottery and Etruscan decorated urns, sculptures, and jewellery. The Bargello is yet another fabulous Florentine museum and the home of great works of art by numerous masters, including Donatello, Michelangelo, Ghiberti and Brunelleschi.
Travellers on Florence travel packages can experience all this glory and much more.  Cheap holidays to Florence can be easily extended to include other, nearby locations in Tuscany, including Siena, a classic mediaeval hill town famous for its fan-shaped Piazza del Campo and Palio horserace; San Gimignano, a walled town famous for its 14 mediaeval towers; Lucca, with one of the best-preserved walls in Italy and several towers that provide fabulous views of the city; Pisa, famous for its leaning tower but also for its mediaeval center, beautiful Duomo and the homes of Lord Byron and Shelley; Cortona and its 3,000 year-old Etruscan walls, stately buildings, mediaeval architecture, and beautiful views; and the Chianti Classico wine region between Florence and Siena, with picturesque villages, wineries, and beautiful countryside. Grab super cheap flights to Florence today and immerse yourself in this beautiful land.       
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