Get ready to kick up your heels and down a few pints – Germany has so much to offer you’ll never be want for things to see and do. From world famous beer fests to world famous music fests, and all the historic and cultural icons you pass along the way, Germany is one of the most travelled nations in Europe and it’s not hard to see why.

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Germany is a country in central Europe and a member of the European Union. With its mountains, forests, seacoasts and metropolitan cities, Germany should top the list of every traveller looking to experience the best of Europe.

If you are a railway enthusiast, Germany has several railways that would be of great interest, such as the H-Bahn in Dortmund. But to truly experience the best of German engineering, hire a car. Drive along the world-famous Autobahn and marvel at the intricate yet efficient network of German roads and motorways. Hire a car through Direct Flights, along with cheap airfare and affordable accommodation, and create a customised discount travel package to Germany. If modernism, museums, and being in the epicentre of the German and European business world is more your style, then head on over to Frankfurt. Or, simply step off the plane - as Frankfurt's status as one of the largest travel hubs in Europe will more than likely see you either arriving or departing through this city. More than just a travel hub these days though, Frankfurt has a surprising amount of attractions including beautiful parks, a fun and lively cafe and pub life, museums galore, and heaps of modern architecture.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is the country’s most metropolitan city with its lively nightlife, historical and cultural museums and distinctive café culture. A must-see is the historic building of Reichstag, where one can take in a spectacular view of Berlin. When looking for accommodation, be aware that there is more than one downtown area in Berlin. Whether you choose to stay in the Mitte, a popular German tourist destination, or at Charlottenburg, which is centered around a castle called Schloss Charlottenburg, book your hotel with Direct Flights for the best prices on accommodation in Germany.

Although known for its lederhosen, sausages and beer, Bavaria has more to offer than these quintessential German goods. Visit the Neuschwanstein in Schwanngau, a fairytale-like castle which provided the inspiration for the “Walt Disney castle.” Or take a tour of the Schloss HerrenChiemsee, an unfinished castle based on Versailles and constructed on a beautiful island surrounded by the lake Chiemsee. Although Bavaria has some excellent resorts for skiing and snowboarding, summertime is a popular time to visit, especially because of the many beer festivals held around that time. But the biggest beer festival is the Munich Oktoberfest held in the capital city of Bavaria, Munich.

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