Things to do in the Great city of Honolulu


As most people know, Honolulu is a very famous city of  Hawaii. It is also the capital city and considered as a vibrant city with great  combination of diverse culture and vigorous nightlife with all the features that  a tropical island can offer. This is an island of America but you can see the  deep seated culture of Polynesian influence in almost every part of the city  which makes it as one of the most exciting tourist destination. Visiting this  island will definitely give you one of a kind vacation experience, here are  some of the places to visit and things to do in the beautiful city of Honolulu.


One will surely enjoy the climate here as sunshine is  abundant all throughout the year. Rainfall can also be experienced in large  parts of Hawaii especially between the months of April to September. Dramatic  skyline of the city consists of more than five hundred skyscrapers that  dominate the horizon. The great horizon has a background of volcanic cone of  Diamond Head which is also considered as a national monument of America.


This famous city is a dynamic region of the state of  Hawaii as it is rich in historical as well as national landmark, restaurant  district, amazing snorkeling spots and great beaches that will surely delight  every visitor. Another exciting thing to do is to a mountain hike up in the  Diamond Head. The mountain hike usually takes two hours and quite challenging.


First time visitors will surely love the diversity of the  city as one can also enjoy great night life with wide range of bars to choose  from. You can go party at night and enjoy the beautiful sceneries around the  region during the day so make sure you bring a camera along with you to capture  great moments and scenes when exploring the city.


When you plan to go to Honolulu, make sure that you  should visit the Aloha Tower. This famous tower is located in the harbor which  is only a few minutes away from Waikiki. It is built in the 1920 and intended  as a welcoming beacon for tourists who enter the port. Today, the area has been  redesigned into a more energetic district and you can see lots of restaurants  that offer great dishes, bars and cafes, fine boutiques and marketplace where  you can buy souvenirs. Near the Aloha Tower is the Chinatown, this is one of  the remarkable places that you should explore. You can also find great shops,  cafes, restaurants as well as herbalist and festive outdoor market that offer  unique Polynesian experience. You can also explore traditional temples, enjoy  different delicacies such as French and Malaysian cuisine, tastes some of the  best dim sum in the region.


Honolulu is not only the cultural capital of Hawaii but  it is also a commercial and economic hub. You can find different galleries,  museums and theaters around the city. The Honolulu Academy of Arts is also a  great place to visit as it holds Asian and Western Art collections that will  surely amaze you.