Whether you fancy traditional Scottish culture and history or more modern, contemporary sights, there's something for you Inverness throughout the year. Book your Inverness travel package with Direct Flights.

Inverness - Jewel of the Eastern Scottish Highlands


Inverness may be located in the cool climate of the Scottish Highlands, but you'll find a warm welcome when you arrive  - people there seem to go out of their way to be friendly.             
There's plenty to see and do during cheap holidays to Inverness. To hear some of the world's best Gaelic and Highland songs, listen to the bagpipes at the Northern Meeting, the most prestigious solo piping competition in the world.  Or if you're dying for a truly local experience, don your kilt and head over for the annual City of Inverness Highland Games.           
Wander through the variety of shops in the compact city centre, watch the street performers, and visit Inverness Castle and St Andrew's Cathedral - both are located along the River Ness in one of the most beautiful riverside settings in the UK. Take the circular walk that leads from Inverness Castle through the Ness Islands. If it's summer, you might see anglers casting their fishing lines at Atlantic salmon. You can even try fishing for them yourself if you buy an inexpensive daily ticket. Enjoy magnificent views from the top of Craig Phadrig above the city. And check out the Moray Firth - home to bottlenose dolphins that you can see from the shore or during boat trips that leave from harbours along the coast.
Inverness is the gateway to the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and in addition to the charms of the city itself, other popular holiday attractions are nearby.  They include the battlefield and visitor centre at Culloden, where Bonnie Prince Charlie met his final defeat; the historic Caledonian Canal; Clava Cairns, a fascinating archaeological site; and of course Loch Ness, a large, deep, freshwater loch southwest of Inverness that is best known for the legendary Loch Ness Monster, fondly known as "Nessie."  All are all easily reached during your cheap holidays to Inverness.  And if you'd like to go even further afield, travelling from Inverness to the rest of the Highlands and Islands is readily available by coach, discount hire car, rail or island ferry or boat.       
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 Whether you fancy traditional Scottish culture and history or more modern, contemporary sights, whether you wish to look on or join in a variety of activities, whether you seek urban bustle or nature and wildlife, there's something for you in or near Inverness throughout the year.  The range of different things to see and do in and around Inverness is quite amazing, and Direct Flights can arrange it for you to experience it all.