Italy is one of the famous cities in Europe. It’s relatively a small country when compared to European countries like France and Germany. Italy is a boot-shaped nation where you can find famous cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. Book cheap flights to Italy from Australia with Direct Flights and enjoy your Europe tour.

Cheap Flights to Italy from Australia

Millions of tourists around the world take cheap flights to Italy to experience the good life. The Italians call this as ‘la dolce vita’. June and September is the peak season around Italy’s sandy beaches and resorts, while April to October is the peak season for their well known cities. Be ready to pay higher prices for your stay during these seasons along with costly travel deals on flight tickets. However Direct Flights can suggest you the best travel options and better deals when you get in-touch with one of our agents.

Sightseeing in Italy

Flying to Italy will not be worth if you did not get a chance to visit places like the Colosseo, the heart of the ancient Roman Empire and take a pilgrimage to the Vatican City to see the Roman Catholic Churches. It is also important to visit the city called Florence, for its famous Renaissance heritage, to take a cruise down the canals of Venice in a gondola and finally visiting Milan, one of the largest fashion capitals in Europe.

The best time to book flights to Italy

It’s best to book flights to Italy during late April and early May (Spring). If you are into sightseeing Italian cities and countryside the best would be from mid October to mid November (Autumn). There will be fewer tourists at these times of year, so there will be fewer demands for flight tickets. However, if you are travelling in April, it is best to check for Easter holidays before you book flights and hotels because this is one of the main religious holidays for Italians and many shops and restaurants will be closed during this time.