Known worldwide as the "Land of the Rising Sun", Japan has a special blend of the old and the new. Visit the famous sites of Mount Fuji and the Imperial Palace or immerse yourself in the bustle by heading over to Tokyo or Kyoto. Take a bullet train or take in designer shopping sprees - Japan has something for every traveller.

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Known worldwide as the "Land of the Rising Sun," Japan has a special blend of the old and the new.

Visit the famous sites of Mount Fuji or the Imperial Palace, and also make time to explore some of the best Japan has to offer in its famous lists of "Japan's Top 3." "Japan's Top 3" lists some of the best sights in Japan, as recommended by the locals themselves. Take in the Three Views in Kyoto, Miyagi or Hiroshima. Take a tour of the Three Famous Castles: Himeji, Matsumoto, or Kumamoto. Or explore the Three Hidden Regions of Gifu, Tokushima and Miyazaki. "Japan's Top 3" hits are definitely a must!

Head to the cities of Tokyo or Kyoto and be amazed at the technological offerings of Japan. Book a ticket for the Bullet Train, or Shinkasen, for the fastest way to get around the country. But be aware that the Shinkasen stops running at about 9 pm so arrange an alternative form of transportation if necessary. Car hires are available for booking at Direct Flights, along with cheap flights and accommodation.

One of the most populated areas in the world, Tokyo is a large and fascinating metropolis. Nestled amongst its futuristic skyscrapers, gleaming billboards and luxury hotels are ancient temples, serene gardens and wondrous shrines. With its perfect mix of the past and the present, there is much to explore in the city of Tokyo. Those who love fashion and shopping must visit Shibuya and Harajuku for funky youthful clothing, and Roppongi Hills for upscale designer goods. Tokyo is also a haven for anime and manga comics and merchandise. Also visit Akihabara for a large selection of anime and manga. With the thousands of accommodation options available in Tokyo, picking the right hotel can be a headache. Let Direct Flights choose one for you, providing you the best prices for accommodation in Tokyo and anywhere else in Japan.

Looking for the best ski resorts? Japan's Niseko is the country's most famous ski resort, widely visited by Australians and other foreigners around the world. Book a hotel in Hirafu Town, one of the largest resorts in Niseko, with Direct Flights and explore the Japanese back country.

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Take a look at some of the incredible online travel specials to Japan available now, and get to the Land of the Rising Sun cheaper and more conveniently than ever before. Explore a modern Japan that boasts some of the most spectacular, dramatic and outstandingly beautiful landforms, cities, and technological marvels in the world. Greatly influenced by modern architecture and engineering - the cityscapes of Tokyo and Kyoto that greet you promises to dazzle even the most tech savvy traveller. And for the more relaxation-minded, Japan's got something for you too, as visitors are encouraged to indulge their recreational passions like play golf, hot springs resorts, visit to the dormant volcanoes, boating, fishing, camping and swimming. Indulge in scenic activities like visits to shrines and temples plus savour on the famous Japanese cuisine 'sushi'. And by taking advantage of the great online travel deals to Japan, the budget conscious traveller can delight in the opportunity of exploring and luxuriating in the country that was once perceived as one of the most expensive to holiday in.

Japan is a country of scenic purity, fun and excitement mixed with little tranquillity, leisure and relaxation. By booking flights to Japan online you can make your holidays flexible, convenient and economical. You can plan your itinerary based on your budget and book flights to Japan, world class hotel accommodation once there, and incredible destination activities to keep you busy.

With so many things to explore and do in Japan, the only worry you'll have will be finding the time to fit everything in!


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