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Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica's capital and the largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean, is a city divided. Restaurants and accommodation in Kingston, along with much of the city's nightlife, are located in the uptown area of the city. Cosmopolitan and upscale compared to the older downtown area, uptown Kingston also offers the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House, a cultural centre promoting Jamaican arts, crafts and entertainment.

Downtown Kingston operates in a different world. Like many city centres throughout the world, the downtown area is older and possibly a bit past its prime, but it's the home of historic buildings, the scenic waterfront and the best art museum in Jamaica. It's also a colourful but undisciplined area, with street hawkers, preachers and unsavoury characters seemingly on every corner. Street smarts are required in downtown Kingston, but careful visitors on cheap holidays to Kingston are rewarded by sights not seen anywhere else.

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Cheap flights to Kingston allow you to explore The Bob Marley Museum, preserving memorabilia from his life and career, doubling as the most popular museum in Jamaica and the building where the world-famous reggae superstar lived and recorded his music. The National Art Gallery also recognises the renowned Jamaican favourite son by featuring a statue of Marley amidst works by a variety of Jamaican artists. The Institute of Jamaica is renowned for its collection of historic documents about the Caribbean. It also houses the Natural History Museum, the oldest museum in Jamaica.

Discount travel to Kingston also allows visitors to explore some of Jamaica's sights outside the city. Use your accommodation in Kingston as a base from which to drive into the spectacular Blue Mountains, the home of magnificent views and Jamaica's world famous coffee. Port Royal, once the wealthy pirate capital of the New World, was almost completely destroyed in a devastating earthquake in 1692. Today, the Port Royal Archaeological and Historical Museum houses a variety of artefacts that have been recovered from the sunken city.

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