Lake Balaton, located in Hungary, is the largest lake in Central Europe and one of the area's foremost destinations for holiday travelers. Lake Balaton offers interesting waterfront towns, spas with thermal waters, colourful traditional festivals, watersports and more. Book your holiday package to Lake Balaton with Direct Flights today.

Lake Balaton


Lake Balaton, located in Hungary, is the largest lake in Central Europe and one of the area's foremost destinations for holiday travellers.  Because Hungary is landlocked, the lake, with its pleasant climate, is called the "Hungarian Sea."  Discount travel to Lake Balaton is very popular with families as the lake is  shallow and safer for children than deeper lakes - its average depth is only two to three meters.  Motorboats are prohibited, so there are no worries about being swamped by wash.  A host of activities, indoors and out, await visitors on Lake Balaton travel packages.
The major resorts around the lake are Siófok, Keszthely and Balatonfüred.  Siófok is the liveliest of the towns in the region and offers a vibrant nightlife.  Keszthely is the region's cultural capital, with its famous Festetics Palace, Doll Museum and the gotta-appeal-to-boys Torture Museum.  Balatonfüred is the home of the annual Anna Ball.  Visitors on inexpensive holidays to Lake Balaton can take part in sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, fishing and other water sports, visit the beautiful countryside with its volcanic hills and wineries on the north coast, and then unwind at some of the nightclubs on the south shore.  The Tihany Peninsula is an historical district and home to a grand abbey church.  And Nagyvázsony, Sümeg and Szigliget offer castles to explore along with displays of jousting and archery.
Although the lake freezes during colder winters, the region's climate makes it ideal for year-round holiday travelling and winemaking, an industry for which Lake Balaton has been renowned for thousands of years.  The peak season at the lake is the summer, but Lake Balaton is also worth visiting in winter for fishing through ice holes, skating, and ice-sailing.  The spa town of Hévíz features mineral-rich water that rarely drops below 26ºC in temperature – with steam rising from the surface even in winter.  The thermal centres at Kehidakustány and Zalakaros are also open whatever the season, and are suitable for the whole family.  Dozens of trails take hikers, cyclists and horse-riders to some of the region’s natural treasures:  the northern shore of the lake is characterised by volcanic hills with spectacular rock formations, and Badacsony Hill is a particular favourite - its flat-topped summit offers views to die for.  There’s also plenty for the wine buff:   the hillside wine cellars offer some wonderfully refreshing white wines.
Interesting waterfront towns, spas with thermal waters,  colourful traditional festivals, watersports and more:  Lake Balaton travel packages offer all this at a price that will suit the tightest of budgets.  There is an abundance of affordable accommodation in Lake Balaton, and cheap flights to Balaton, via Sármellék International Airport, arrive from Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Zürich and London.  Connecting flights to Balaton are available from just about anywhere in the world, including the United States and Australia.  Visit the Direct Flights web site to book your discount travel to Lake Balaton; when you return home you'll take wonderful memories with you.