Langkawi, often called the Jewel of Kedah, is an archipelago of about 100 islands in the Andaman Sea off the coast of north-western Malaysia. Langkawi offers its visitors a magical beauty, with pristine beaches, scenic waterfalls, duty free shopping, teeming wildlife in some of the most ancient rainforests in the world and the ability to experience local culture. Book your travel package to Langkawi with Direct Flights today.

Langkawi, Malaysia


Langkawi, often called the Jewel of Kedah, is an archipelago of about 100 islands in the Andaman Sea off the coast of north-western Malaysia. The islands are part of the Malaysian state of Kedah and about 30km away from Kuala Perlis, but the western coasts of mainland Malaysia and mainland Thailand are about the same distance away. Pulau Langkawi is by far the largest island and it and nearby Pulau Tuba are the only islands of Langkawi that are inhabited. Langkawi offers a magical beauty, with pristine beaches, scenic waterfalls and teeming wildlife in some of the most ancient rainforests in the world.  Even though they're lightly populated and mostly undeveloped, the islands also offer visitors on Langkawi travel packages opportunities for duty-free shopping and the ability to experience local culture.       
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Visitors on cheap holidays to Langkawi can ride a cable car to the summit of Mount Mat Cincang, the region's second highest peak, where the reward is a spectacular view of the nearby islands and coastal Thailand. The centre of Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) features a magnificent 18m-high marble eagle, and an amphitheatre that features regular performances of island legends is nearby. The Craft Cultural Complex lies on the northern coast of Langkawi Island near Teluk Yu; it showcases a wide range of Malaysian handicrafts, including delicate hand-drawn batik and intricately worked silverware.       
The Rice Museum (Laman Padi) offers insights into rice-growing. Charts, photographs and a variety of rice artifacts are housed in the museum, which also features a rice farm where visitors can participate in padi planting. Other attractions include an herbal garden, souvenirs and handicrafts, rice-based food demonstrations, festivals and exhibitions. Ayer Hangat Village is a cultural complex built around the Telaga Ayer Hangat hot springs. It offers day-long cultural activities such as making local handicrafts, planting padi, traditional Malay sports and traditional dances. The hot springs itself has three different temperature levels for visitors who want to enjoy the waters.        
Boats down the Kilim River offer unforgettable sights and experiences, with the opportunity to witness the natural habitats of an exotic marine ecosystem, unique limestone formations rising from mangrove swamps and caves full of legends. Island cruises that weave through the passageways are an ideal way to relax and enjoy Langkawi's breathtaking scenery. What are you waiting for?  If you want the best travel package for your money, Direct Flights can hook you up with just a few clicks of your mouse.  Whether you'll be coming from Australia, The United States, the UK or anywhere else in the world, Direct Flights will set up your discount travel arrangements.       
Best of all, Langkawi is world-renowned for spectacular diving and snorkelling. One of its premier diving spots is Pulau Payar Marine Park, a group of four islands south of Langkawi. Its waters offer beautiful hard and soft coral and a wide array of marine life, ideal for diving or snorkelling, and its sun-kissed beaches are perfect for picnics and sunbathing. What more could you ask for than a holiday on a lush tropical island? Flights to Langkawi arrive via Kuala Lumpur, a major air transportation hub, so connecting flights from anywhere in the world are available. You can enjoy this exotic tropical jewel -Direct Flights web site: we book discount travel to Langkawi and a whole range of other great travel deals to holiday destinations around the world.  Direct Flights books the best travel deals, all from the convenience of your computer! So what are you waiting for?