Lebanon is a captivating country in the Middle East, located on the eastern shores of the lovely Mediterranean Sea. Explore the Legendary sights, warm hospitality, fine foods, a varied topography and a vibrant nightlife Lebanon has to offer. Book your holiday package to Lebanon with Direct Flights today.



Lebanon is a captivating country in the Middle East, located on the eastern shores of the lovely Mediterranean Sea. Bordered by Syria and Israel, the island of Cyprus is close offshore. The historic home of the fabulous ancient Phoenician seafaring civilisation, Lebanon features a maritime culture that's thousands of years old. Once ruled by the Ottoman Empire in nearby Turkey, after World War I the area comprising Lebanon was mandated to France, and later gained independence during World War 2.
Lebanon today fuses the ancient with the ultramodern: the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre and Baalbek's fantastic Roman temples are just as much a part of Lebanon as Beirut's modern skyscrapers, colonial architecture and posh amenities. Tripoli - not to be confused with the Libyan city of the same name - is renowned for its Mameluke architecture and the best souk in the country.  Jounieh, formerly a sleepy fishing village, is now a town alive with glitzy nightclubs on most summer weekends. Lebanon and its welcoming people offer the best bits of the Middle East: mostly mountainous topography, sparkling beaches, and a laid-back, relatively liberal outlook - its period as a French mandate gives it a somewhat European, cosmopolitan flavour. Lebanon's cuisine is considered the best of the region, and Beirut, the country's capital, offers plenty of restaurants that confirm its culinary reputation. Just be a bit careful and don't wander off the beaten tracks: the political situation is still a bit volatile and landmines are still found in some areas.
Legendary sights, warm hospitality, fine foods, a varied topography and a vibrant nightlife: from colourful street markets and souks to sweeping mountain vistas, from snow skiing to sparkling beaches, from magnificent ancient ruins to modern cities, as well as everything in between, Lebanon has it all. Flights to Lebanon arrive at Beirut, and Direct Flights is ready to book your cheap holidays to Lebanon today. With just a few clicks of your computer mouse you can set up your discount travel to Lebanon, and you'll save money too: Direct Flights works hard to get you the best travel deals available.
After you've booked your travel arrangements through Direct Flights, some of the highlights of your super cheap trip to Lebanon might include visits to Beirut, the country's capital; Baalbek and Byblos; and Sidon and Tripoli. Beirut is an amazing city full of colonial architecture, mosques, renowned museums, vibrant neighbourhoods, bars that rival those in any city and daily life that continues despite the shadows cast by buildings still punctured by bullet holes. Baalbek, known as Heliopolis in the ancient world, is perhaps the most important Roman site in the Middle East, with colossal temples that outshone those in Rome. Located in a conservative, mixed Muslim/Christian region of Lebanon, you should avoid wearing shorts or any other revealing clothes in Baalbek. Byblos, one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited towns and the birthplace of the modern alphabet, features a picturesque fishing harbour, ancient Roman ruins, a Crusader castle and a fascinating souq. In ancient times, Sidon was a brilliant, wealthy Phoenician city. Today Sidon exudes a strong feeling of "living history," and with its mosques, mediaeval alleys and souqs still in everyday use, life remains much like it was during earlier times. And Tripoli is Lebanon’s second-largest city, famous for its medieval Mameluke architecture, a Crusader castle and sweet pastries.
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