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If you are looking for more action or maybe just a day of pure relaxation, head to the beach where you’ll find heaps of locals catching the next big wave on their surfboards and lounging along the sandy shores. Offering affordable accommodations in Lima and cheap flights to Lima, Direct Flights makes planning your holiday simple and easy.



Lima, named “City of Kings” by Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro over 400 years ago, is the energetic capital city of Peru.  Although it has grown to be a thriving modern metropolis of over 7 million residents, Lima, has carefully preserved its historical roots and is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Center.  From its Spanish colonial architecture and historical sites and cultural museums to traditional cuisine and street markets to energetic music, dancing and nightlife, Lima offers attractions and amusements that appeal to history-buffs and backpackers alike.  With cheap flights to Lima and a range of accommodations in Lima, Direct Flights offers the perfect Peruvian holiday to suit any budget.                

Founded in January of 1535, on the banks of the River Rimac near Peru’s Pacific coastline, Lima is deeply rooted in Spanish Colonial culture and tradition.  Historic Lima offers visitors a glimpse into the past with its highly preserved and reconstructed architectural sites.  Once the centre of the Spanish Viceroyalty and considered the colony’s most prosperous and wealthiest city, Lima proudly displays its past in its downtown historic centre.  Lima’s main square, Plaza Mayor is flanked by great original stone structures such as the Government Palace, the original house of Francisco Pizzarro and the current residence of the President of the Republic, the Cathedral and modern-day museum of religious art, and the Palacio Municipal that holds many great historical documents including the Independence of Peru.  Lima also offers a variety of cultural and historical museums such as Museo Larco Herrera and Museo Amano. The 16th century convent of San Francisco boasts catacombs and numerous religious objects while modern works can be found at Museo de Arte de Lima.       

Get a taste of the local entertainment and culture.  From ceviches to chifas, Lima lets you enjoy Peruvian cuisine at its finest while a host of live music venues and energetic dance halls will have you bumping to the beat of local Afro-Peruvian music late into the night.         

If you find yourself in Lima during late October or November, you’re in for a traditional treat as it’s the annual bullfighting season.  Catch the action and artistry of this traditional Spanish colonial pastime at the historic bullfighting arena Plaza de Acho, built in 1766 just outside Lima.       

If you are looking for more action or maybe just a day of pure relaxation, head to the beach where you’ll find heaps of locals catching the next big wave on their surfboards and lounging along the sandy shores.  Visit Barranco, once a wealthy beach resort is now a trendy hotspot with the local artists and young people because of its characteristic colonial style homes, tree-lined streets, and an array of new bars, music venues and restaurants.            

Lima promises to be a city to remember, as it offers a wealth of history, culture, local entertainment and festivities.  Or if you’re just passing through as part of a South American tour, Lima the main gateway to head to Cusco, Nazca, and Amazon, or hop a short flight to other capital cities such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, or Sao Paulo. Where ever your South American destination, Direct Flights makes getting there a breeze.       

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