Lisbon comes alive with history, music, culture and delectable cuisine. Enjoy the grandeur of an Atlantic sunset and the best views of Lisbon from the Castelo de São Jorge, which dates back to the 5th century. Book your flights to Lisbon with Direct Flights and explore this spectacular city.



Known as Europe's culture capital, Lisbon's society, cuisine and landscape have been shaped by every group of people who have inhabited they city. The present day capital of Portugal, Lisbon was believed to have been a trading center for the Phoenicians as far back in 1200 BC, and was ruled by the Romans until the 4th century. Over time Lisbon was assailed by Crusader forces, including the English, French, Italians, Normans and obviously - the Portuguese. Located on the seven low hills next to the Tejo River, Lisbon is truly a city of legends and feasts. Check out Direct Flights's cheap holidays from Australia to Lisbon today and get wrapped up in the charm of this ancient city.
Visit Alfama, Lisbon's oldest quarters which combines the best of Roman and Arab influence. Other iconic places to visit are the Torre de Belem and Monsteriro dos Jeronimos. Don't miss the Azulejo Museum, where a great collection of painted tiles are showcased and the National Museum of Coaches, which displays a vintage collection of carved and gilded coaches at a wing of the Portuguese President's official residence. Complete your day with fresh bread, cheese and wine or a stroll by the seaside that once played host to the great explorer, Vasco da Gama.
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If you have a keen interest in music, visit the bars of Bairro Alto on the hilltop and listen to the mélange of jazz, electronica and the traditional Portuguese fado playing through sunrise. Surprise yourself with the fresh catch of the day and sample stuffed squid and crab dishes or street-side fish burgers. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, sample the famous dish of Lisbon cuisine - the 'balcahau,' a dried, salted codfish. No trip to Lisbon would be complete without indulging your sweet tooth and devouring the almond pastries, sugar cakes or delicious custard tarts with cinnamon sprinkled over it.
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