Great Travel Experience in London


London is one of the most famous cities all over the  world; it is the capital of the United Kingdom. This city is popular worldwide  as the core of numerous industries that cover the whole economy of the country.  This region attracts many travelers and visitors who have various needs like  business, fashion, great cuisine or even those who just want to experience one  of a kind city adventure. This classy city is loved by most celebrities but  even ordinary people find this place amusing and exciting.  Another great feature of this city is that it  is accessible to numerous flights from different corners of the globe making it  a popular tourist destination. Many people dream of visiting this beautiful  city.     

Planning your travel or tour in London can be hassle  free, you can just surf the web and look for available trips going to London.  The city of London holds one of the busiest international airports today which  is the London Heathrow. You can also find most of the higher learning  institutions in London. Another interesting thing that you will discover as you  go around the city is that it holds over 300 different languages but English is  still the main language here.     

Things to do when you tour around the city


Sports activities     

The city of London has many things to offer such as  various kinds of sports activities. There are a lot of large parks that provides  gaming facilities that you can enjoy.   Battersea Park is one of the parks that give opportunities for tourist  to play around and stroll on the riverside. You can also find a zoo which is  ideal for family bonding. Another great thing about this park is that you can  use the gaming facilities for free.

Another place for children is the Hyde Park; it has  exciting playgrounds that kids will surely enjoy. Wandsworth Common is another  place where you can play tennis and even bowling as well as other sports that  involves pitches. This park has a lake inside so you can also go fishing here.


Explore the city     

You can stroll around the city to enjoy amazing views of  tourist spots. You can take a walk down the Victoria Street to see historical  landmarks such as old churches and parliament premises. If you want to have fun  and you enjoy music as well as theatres then London has a lot to offer. You can  buy discounted tickets in Leicester square or go to different museums which  exhibit various arts and galleries.



Another fun way to enjoy this city is to explore the best  market places around the area. London is a shopper’s paradise and most of the  tourists indulge themselves with lots of shopping activities. You can find  numerous shopping places and stores that will surely spoil you. These shops can  provide shoppers numerous products depending on their needs. You can go to the  high end area if you want popular brands and the best items. Shopping in London  is one of the most exciting experience that shoppers should not miss when  planning to visit this city.