Cheap Flights to Netherlands from Australia

Book cheap flights to Netherlands from Australia through Direct Flights and enjoy your travel plans in this historic country. Netherlands is one of the smaller countries in Europe, but the contribution made to the European history with their maritime intelligence, their artistic skills and their scientific insights cannot be underestimated.

Sightseeing in Netherlands 

Apart being masters at the sea, Dutch people are very colourful and vibrant in their activities because they are artistic by nature. This is why they still maintain their bisect quaint villages and its elegant cities that feature gabled houses, austere churches, and pretty squares. They are also very fond of their tulip filled plains, canals and water works that run through their cities and villages.

If you are really interested in taking a boat ride, you should try the river Noord which runs between Dordrecht and Rotterdam and you will immediately recognize the iconic natural attractions of Kinderdijk -19 windmills that were built in the 19th century and are now it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best time to book flights to Netherlands

During the tulip season which falls between April to May, you will not be able to reserve cheap flights. It will be the same for school holidays during summer and in late December. In June, you can experience unlimited festivals hosted in Rotterdam and this too contributes to a rise in air fare tickets. However, during the rainy season in October and the winter season in January to late March, you can observe a drop in the tourist flow to Netherlands. This is because there is a limitation in the number of activities that you can engage in. Usually the winter is very beautiful in Netherlands and Direct Flights can offer cheap flights to Netherlands from Australia. Many tourists visit during this time to experience the International Film Festival held in Rotterdam and to go ice skating on the frozen canals in Amsterdam.  


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