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Oita is a coastal city and the capital of Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Visitors on discount Oita holidays can enjoy Mount Takasaki National Park which has hundreds of wild Japanese monkeys and the spa at the historic Meiji-era Takegawara Onsen (geothermal hot springs), which also includes a hot sand bath. Book your travel for Oita with Direct Flights today.

Oita, Japan


Oita is a coastal city and the capital of Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Close to Beppu, it is also near the cities of Yufu, Taketa, Usuki and Bungo-ono. Mount Takasaki National Park, located between Oita and Beppu, is probably the premier attraction for travellers on cheap holidays to Oita. The park's hundreds of wild Japanese monkeys (actually Japanese Macaques) roam the mountain freely in "tribes" and can be experienced by visitors at very close range. Umitamago is an aquarium near Beppu that showcases Oita marine life in a creative and artistic way: some of the exhibits will make you think you're in a modern art museum instead of an aquarium.       
Funai Castle provides a glimpse of mediaeval Japan but is also known for the beauty of its cherry blossoms. And the tranquil atmosphere of Oita City Museum was designed to complement the natural surroundings of nearby Ueno Forest. The museum has two sections, one for permanent exhibits of Japanese art and calligraphy, and the other for rotating exhibits with different themes.  See it all at a low price!  Direct Flights books cheap flights to Oita and discount accommodation in Oita all from the convenience of your computer.       
Oasis 21, the tallest building in the prefecture, is a downtown Oita landmark and a favourite with visitors on discount travel to Oita. If you need a break after wandering the city, visit its sky lounge on the top floor for a cup of tea. At night, the lounge becomes one of the city's most popular nightlife scenes. Or for a different type of break, try Jungle Park, located in the centre of the Miyako-machi district. An urban oasis offering restful shade during the day, the park is bewitching at night, combining cascading water with fantastic lighting.        
Other attractions in the area include the spa at the historic Meiji-era Takegawara Onsen (geothermal hot springs), which also includes a hot sand bath. Outside the city, scenic spots include mountain plateaus, seaside villages and towns renowned for onsen, which sometimes feature mud baths. The Yamanami Highway leads to the scenic peaks of the Aso caldera, the world's largest volcanic crater. The area offers numerous hiking trails and scalable peaks for enthusiasts: the area is still volcanically active, but many visitors take a cable car to the top of Mount Aso in order to look into its crater. Let Direct Flights arrange your cheap holidays to Oita - whether you'll be arriving in Oita from the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia, you'll be happy you did!       
Oita Airport is actually located closer to Beppu. It mainly serves domestic flights to Oita, and although international flights from Seoul and Shanghai arrive regularly, Fukuoka's airport is probably better for international flights to Oita. Direct Flights, your online travel specialist, offers travel deals and books cheap flights to Oita or complete Oita travel packages travel packages that include cheap flights to Oita, discount accommodation in Oita, car hire and even travel insurance at competitive prices. It's all done online from the convenience of your computer, and you'll save money booking through Direct Flights.