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Japan's one-time capital, located on the main island of Honshu, Osaka is still a flourishing economic and commercial centre and a heaven for traditional Japanese culture and cuisine. Visit a variety of traditional temples, shrines, museums, castles and other sites Osaka has to offer. Book your holiday package to Osaka with Direct Flights today.

Osaka, Japan


Japan first met the western world in Osaka.  The city and its 1,400 years of tradition soon became the gateway to Japan for travellers and traders from throughout the world.  Japan's one-time capital, located on the main island of Honshu, is still a flourishing economic and commercial centre and a haven for traditional Japanese culture and cuisine.  Direct Flights brings holiday travellers to this fabled city by arranging cheap flights to Osaka and accommodation in Osaka.       
A variety of traditional temples, shrines, museums, castles and other sites await visitors on Osaka travel packages.  Shitennoji, a Buddhist temple built more than 1,300 years ago, remains largely unchanged and is the favorite shrine of many Japanese people.  Many annual events are held there, including the Doya-Doya, the Shoryoe, and the Shitennoji Wasso.  Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of Japan's oldest Shinto shrines, with a history stretching back 1800 years. Its architecture is unusual amongst Japan's shrines, and its beautiful park-like surroundings, with a sacred bridge over a tranquil pond, make it a restful break from the busy city.  And because it's free to visit, it's a perfect stop for travellers on cheap holidays to Osaka.  Naniwa-no-Miya Palace functioned as the country’s capital before Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo. Today only the 7th century foundations of the Palace remain, but it has been re-created in all its magnificence in the nearby Osaka Museum of History.         
The Bay area features Osaka's Kaiyukan aquarium, a giant Ferris wheel, a museum, excursion boats and gourmet shops. One of the world's largest aquariums, Kaiyukan is the home of sharks, dolphins, otters, seals, and other marine life.  On a clear day, visitors riding the Ferris wheel can see as far away as Mt. Ikoma, Mt. Rokko, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Pearl Bridge) and Osaka's Kansai International Airport.  And the marketplace next to Kaiyukan is packed with shops selling imported goods, casual fashion and fast food restaurants.        
Minami is one of Osaka's two main city centres and a district of Osaka that's bursting with energy and filled with pulsating entertainment. With neon signs, shops, restaurants, and clubs, its vibrant atmosphere never slows down.  But the area also boasts a number of theatres and halls where traditional Japanese Bunraku, Noh and Kabuki dramas are performed.  The Kita district, also known as Umeda, is the other city centre and also offers shopping, dining, accommodation in Osaka and entertainment.       
Osaka is said to be the gourmet capital of Japan and boasts an "eat until you drop" culture, with countless excellent places to eat.  Some of the world's finest chefs prepare exquisite meals from their native countries, including French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Thai food.  And of course, Osaka also offers authentic, world-class Japanese cuisine.      
Discount travel to Osaka can easily be extended to include a variety of day trips away from the city.  Accommodation in Osaka can be used as a base for travel to nearby locations, including historic Kyoto and its countless temples and shrines; Japan's first permanent capital city Nara, less than an hour away and home of some of Japan's oldest Buddhist temples; and Himeji Castle, Japan's most beautiful surviving feudal castle, a national treasure, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.       
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