Located in southern Chile, Osorno is one of the oldest cities in the country. In addition to experiencing the scenery, visitors on Osorno travel packages can enjoy indigenous culture, a variety of hot springs, and beautiful coastal mountains. Book your travel package to Osorno with Direct Flights today.

Osorno, Chile


Osorno, located in southern Chile along a bend of the Rio Rahue, is one of the oldest cities in the country and one of the scenic Lake District's four major cities. Flavoured by strong influences from German settlers, Osorno boasts an interesting mix of Spanish, German and native South American Mapuche cultures. The city is a bustling place that's the centre of Chile's dairy and cattle industry and an important transportation hub on the route between Puerto Montt and Santiago, the country's capital. The city has its own share of attractions, but accommodation in Osorno is also used by travellers as a base for exploring the region's nearby national parks.       
The Mirador of Rahue, located at the end of the city's Avenue República, offers views of the city, the river and, on clear days, volcanoes on the horizon. The 19th century wooden houses lining Calle Juan MacKenna provide a glimpse into the architecture of German immigrant homes from the 1880s. The Museo Municipal Osorno, housed in a pink neoclassical building, showcases Mapuche artifacts, Chilean and Spanish firearms, and articles relating to the German settlement of Osorno.  The modern Catedral de San Mateo Apostol, topped with a tower that resembles a bishop's mitre, is on the Plaza de Armas. A charming sign on the door says "Turn off your cell phone, you don't need it to communicate with God."       
The nearby Mapu Lahual is responsible for at least some of the popularity of Osorno travel packages. A network of parks spread amidst temperate rainforest and several coastal Huilluiche Indian communities, the Mapu Lahual offers some of the most spectacular natural areas in Chile. The best travel deals are found through Direct Flights.  Direct Flights can find you cheap flights and discount accommodation from The Asia, Italy, New Zealand, or anywhere in the world.  In addition to experiencing the scenery, travellers on cheap holidays to Osorno that visit this area also receive a first-hand look at indigenous culture and the opportunity to buy native handicrafts.  Lake Ranco, Puyehue National Park, Lake Rupanco, a variety of hot springs and beautiful coastal mountains and Pacific Ocean vistas are also nearby. And the Cardenal Antonio Samoré Pass makes Osorno a major gateway to and from Argentina.       
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