Once part of an important trade route between India and China, Palembang enjoys a strategic location in southern Sumatra, Indonesia. Explore the waterways and museums that Palembang has to offer. Book your holiday package to Palembang with Direct Flights today.

Palembang - the Venice of the East

Once part of an important trade route between India and China, Palembang enjoys a strategic location in southern Sumatra, Indonesia. The city has experienced a number of metamorphoses and over time has been a capital city, a pirate lair, and a booming industrial centre that is Indonesia's wealthiest city. Before Indonesia's independence, Palembang was part of the Dutch East Indies, and the legacy of Dutch colonial architecture remains in the city even today. For cheap holidays to Palembang, check out

The Musi River cuts through the city and hosts colourful speedboats that zoom past slowly drifting bamboo rafts laden with bananas. The speedboats are the taxis of the city's waterways and provide quite an experience for travellers on Palembang travel packages. Palembang is sometimes called the "Venice of the East" because of its network of waterways, but the Musi no longer functions as the city's main street. The wide river, the banks of which were once considered unbridgeable, now has a bridge that has become a symbol of the city. Take a walk over the bridge to see the panoramic views of both sides of the city, then stop in at one of the floating restaurants or shops on the riverbanks. Direct Flights offer cheap flights from cities all over Australia to Palembang, check out our cheap airfares from Darwin to Palembang, cheap airfares from Sydney to Palembang, cheap airfares from Brisbane to Palembang, cheap airfares from Melbourne to Palembang, or cheap airfares from Perth to Palembang.

The state museum holds a collection of provincial antiquities that's a treat for visitors on cheap holidays to Palembang. The museum showcases ancient household articles, looms, hunting tools and other artefacts that reflect daily life on ancient Sumatra. The Masjid Agung Grand Mosque features Sriwijayan style architecture and is conveniently located in front of the city's main roundabout, near the Musi Bridge. Palembang celebrates many festivals that allow visitors to experience some of the local colour, including the Sriwijaya Festival and the Musi Festival. And while you're in Palembang, try the traditional food called Pempek - fried fish cakes eaten with a sweet vinegar called Cuka. Cheap flights and holiday packages from Australia to Palembang are available for booking with Direct Flights.

Discount accommodation in Palembang can be used to explore the nearby region as well as the city itself. Lubuk Linggau is the gateway to the Pasennah Highlands, the home of carved megaliths, tombs, pillars and other stone ruins thought to date from date from nearly 2,000 years ago. Considered to be the best examples of prehistoric stone sculpture in Indonesia, oddly shaped rocks were shaped into armed warriors riding elephants, wrestling buffaloes and fighting snakes. Kemaro Island (sometimes spelled Kamero), a popular recreation site in the middle of the Musi, is located nearby. In addition to recreational facilities it features a Buddhist temple and is the scene of an annual religious event every new Year. The scenic Curup Tenang waterfall is about 2 hours away and is the highest waterfall in South Sumatra, with water cascading down from 90 meters height into a deep pool at the bottom.

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