Now the capital of Sicily, Palermo is renowned for its rich history, culture, architecture and food. And its seaside location isn't just strategic, it's scenic too, with a wide variety of sights awaiting visitors on Palermo travel packages.

Palermo - A Feast For The Senses

More than 2,700 years old, Palermo features a varied history due to its strategic location on the island of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Founded by the ancient Phoenicians, taken over by the ancient Greeks and then the Carthaginians, passed on to the Roman Empire and its Byzantine successor and then ruled by Arab Saracens before becoming part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and finally unified Italy, Palermo has played an important role throughout much of its existence.

Now the capital of Sicily, Palermo is renowned for its rich history, culture, architecture and food. And its seaside location isn't just strategic, it's scenic too, with a wide variety of sights awaiting visitors on Palermo travel packages. Direct flights to Palermo arrive from all major Italian airports such as Florence, Rome, Milan, and Venice, and cheap flights to Palermo from Australia, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cologne, and London are available as low-cost connections. Whether your flight will originate from as far away as Australia or as near as Rome or Naples, Direct Flights can arrange your discount travel to Palermo. Discount Palermo travel packages available through Direct Flights include cheap flights to Palermo, accommodation in Palermo, car hire in Palermo or any combination of the three.

Quattro Canti, also called Piazza Vigliena, is the heart of Palermo's old city centre. Four 17th century palaces and four fountains with statues that represent the four seasons stud the corners of the square. The important collections of the Regional Archaeological Museum date from Sicily's Etruscan, Phoenician and Greek eras and bear testimony to Sicilian art and life from prehistoric times through the late Roman period. Palermo also features an old Arabic quarter - the Kalsa Quarter. Built close to the sea during Palermo's Saracen period, the Kalsa Quarter was home to the Muslims' military contingent and their administrative and political offices. Today it's a picturesque area where visitors can sample Arab-Sicilian street food. Book tours through Palermo with Direct Flights.

La Favorita Royal Estate is a fabulous park just outside the city centre. Originally used as hunting grounds for the Bourbon court of Naples, it features oriental architecture, a maze of tree-lined avenues, exotic plants, and small squares with statues, obelisks and fountains. A walk through colourful Vucciria Market, with its strongly Sicilian atmosphere, offers visitors a change of pace from the city's squares, fountains and monuments. But if shopping for local craftwork in Vucciria is not appealing, stroll along Palermo's elegant Via Libertà and Via Ruggero Settimo. You'll find boutiques showcasing the work of famous designers, including Dolce & Gabbana, Hermés and Luis Vuitton.

The renowned Cappella Palatina (Palatine Chapel) is a feast for the eyes, featuring a rich blend of Byzantine, Norman and Arabic styles. Located in the Palazzo dei Normanni (Normans Palace), the Cappella Palatina is home to some of the most beautiful mosaics in the world. And the Neo-Classical Palermo Cathedral, built in 1184 by the Norman king William II but later converted to a Muslim mosque by the Saracens, features a 14th century door and a Gothic-Catalan style portico.

Palermo's extraordinary International Marionettes Museum reflects an important part of Sicilian culture. The museum contains the world's most complete collection of hand-made puppets and marionettes, together with the stage equipment needed for traditional shows. UNESCO has declared the puppets to be masterpieces. The intense aromas and unique flavours of Palermo's traditional foods are also integral to Sicilian life. They can be experienced all over the city, not just in its restaurants but in city streets and squares, where street vendors prepare and serve delicious tidbits to passers-by.

Visitors on cheap Palermo travel packages can easily visit the surrounding regions of Sicily as well as the city itself. Day trip destinations include Monreale and its famous cathedral with Byzantine mosaics covering its walls; Cefalu, a fishing port with Arabic streets and another cathedral full of Byzantine mosaics; Segesta, home of Sicily's most beautiful Greek temples and panoramic views; Bagheria, with its Baroque country villas; and Caccamo, an ancient town dominated by a huge Norman castle filled with mediaeval art and armour.

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