Known as the "the Heart of America", Paraguay is an exciting travel destination that is just beginning to be discovered by people that crave striking natural scenery, colonial history, and the nuances of cultural traditions. Book your holiday package to Paraguay with Direct Flights today.



Paraguay, along with Bolivia, is one of two landlocked countries in South America. Bordered by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, Paraguay's central location on the continent understandably led to its nickname "the Heart of America." The country is little known outside South America, but it features a diverse culture, the result of blending traditional Spanish culture with that of the native Guarani, the dominant indigenous people of the region. Paraguay even has two official languages: Spanish and Guarani. And Paraguay's sights are diverse as well, including grassy plains, waterfalls, marshes and dense rainforests, unique flowers and animals, large cities and small villages.
Paraguay is rich in natural resources, but it's an almost forgotten country in Latin America: relatively few people live there and even fewer visit. But Paraguay appeals to travellers who've already been to the typical South American destinations: these travellers are ready to discover some of the more subtle aspects of the continent, found in Paraguay.
Full of fascinating contrasts, Paraguay is a place where horse-drawn carts park next to luxury cars, artisans' workshops are next to modern shopping malls, and rural villages are very close to large colonial cities such as Asunción, the country's capital. Asunción itself is blessed with rich contrasts, just like the country. It has no beaches or mountains, but it does feature colonial and beaux-arts buildings, fine cuisine, chic nightclubs, peaceful plazas and friendly people. Some travellers rank Asunción as the world's cheapest capital city.
Paraguay is an exciting travel destination that is just beginning to be discovered by people that crave striking natural scenery, colonial history, and the nuances of cultural traditions. You too can enjoy Paraguay: contact the travel specialists at Direct Flights to book cheap flights to Paraguay or one of our Paraguay travel packages that also include accommodation in Paraguay. Direct Flights will set up all your discount travel arrangements, whether you'll be flying out of Italy, Australia, the United States or anywhere else in the world.
Encarnación is a centre for discount shopping and the gateway to the remains of Jesuit missions at Trinidad and Jesús: La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesús de Tavarangue, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Gran Chaco, a vast plain that occupies the western half of Paraguay, is arid during the dry season and swampy during the rainy season. Raw and wild with forests of thorns, less than 3% of Paraguay's population lives in the Chaco. It is the home of the Trans-Chaco Rally, one of the toughest three-day motorsport competitions in the world. And it is also the home of Filadelfia, an unlikely Mennonite community in the midst of the Chaco wilderness. It's a bit startling to see a town resembling a neat and tidy German suburb in a South American desert, but there you go. Where else but in Paraguay, the land of contrasts!
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