Poland is a complex destination, at the same time sobering and unquenchably cheerful. Travellers on cheap holidays to Poland can explore high Tatra mountains, pristine Baltic beaches, glistening lakes and sweeping forests. Treat yourself and explore the diverse wonders of this fascinating country by booking discount travel package  with Direct Flights.


Travellers take holidays to Poland for many different reasons. Some visit Poland in order to reconnect with their Polish roots, to see where their ancestors lived and to find still-living relatives. Others use discount travel to Poland as a means to explore some of central Europe's most beautiful scenery, with high Tatra Mountains, pristine Baltic beaches, glistening lakes and sweeping forests to choose from. Some of the world's greatest composers were Polish, and music-lovers from all around the world make pilgrimage to Poland in their honour. Some go to Poland to visit Kraków, one of central Europe's premier treasure troves of awe-inspiring Gothic and Renaissance architecture. And still other travellers visit Poland for its history: always interesting, often poignant and sometimes tragic.
Poland is home to an energetic people with a strong sense of independence, fiercely guarding and preserving their culture against the onslaughts of war, a long, dreary occupation and the rise of modern technology. You can experience the fruits of their efforts; you can experience Poland's history, culture and beauty- Direct Flights offerst the best Poland travel packages including discount accommodation and cheap flights.  The travel packages offered by Direct Flights include cheap flights to Poland, discount accommodation in Poland and optional rental car hire to facilitate your travels throughout the country.
Some of the highlights of your discount travel to Poland might include a stroll through Warsaw's Old Town and its Royal Castle, both painstakingly rebuilt after the devastation of World War II. And modern Warsaw is a dynamic, progressive city with a cultural scene and nightlife that are unsurpassed in the country. Kraków, the royal capital for 500 years, is the place to go for the soaring architecture of Poland's past. Most of the city's structures miraculously survived World War II, and as a result, no other city in Poland boasts so many monuments and historic buildings, some of which house vast collections of art. Wawel Castle is Kraków’s centrepiece, but many travellers also visit the Old Town and its Gothic churches and huge market square. The sobering former Jewish quarter, with empty synagogues reflecting the tragedies that occurred at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and elsewhere, is just outside the Old Town.  See it all yourself, with Direct Flights, the best deals on Poland holidays are only clicks away.
Gdansk, Poland's port on the Baltic Sea, has a tumultuous past and the scars to prove it, but its stunning city centre, rebuilt from the rubble left behind after World War II, is both breathtaking and inspiring. Elegant old buildings, narrow streets lined with cafes, dockside beer gardens and more make Gdansk a vibrant destination with diverse sights.
In some ways Wroclaw is a smaller version of Kraków, offering Gothic architecture and a wealth of cultural events, but strongly influenced by Bohemia, Austria and Prussia, Wroclaw has a character all its own. And Malbork features Poland's magnificent Marienburg Castle, the largest Gothic castle in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Direct Flights, your online discount travel specialist books cheap holidays to Poland departing from just about anywhere in the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom and many other countries.
Poland is a complex destination, at the same time sobering and unquenchably cheerful. Poland is always historic, and it is always beautiful. Poland travel packages are popular with people all over the world. Treat yourself and explore the diverse wonders of this fascinating country. Go ahead, book discount travel to Poland through Direct Flights today.

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