Portugal’s scenic beaches, soulful music, gripping history and mouth-watering cuisine form the perfect setting for a memorable holiday in one of Europe’s most charming regions. Contact Direct Flights for cheap flights to Portugal, affordable hotel accommodation and attractive holiday packages.

Portugal Travel Info

Known for its varied cuisine – including the famous dried cod dishes, rich maritime history, beautiful people, and peaceful laid back atmosphere, Portugal provides the perfect environment for an easy going holiday. Grab an irresistible travel deal to Portugal with Direct Flights and get set for a holiday of pure relaxation.
Located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Portugal shares a land border with Spain on the east, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south. Throughout its long history, the land that now comprises modern Portugal served as home to host of cultures including Roman, English, Spanish, French and settlers from what is now Morocco. Each of these groups has left its mark on the people, culture, cuisine and landscape of Portugal. To experience all that Portugal has to offer, check out Direct Flight’s incredible travel specials to this amazing country. Cheap flights to Portugal can be arranged conveniently with Direct Flights.
Portugal’s scenic beaches, soulful music, gripping history and mouth-watering cuisine form the perfect setting for a memorable holiday in one of Europe’s most charming regions. Set out to the Carcavelos Beach, a popular spot for anyone who enjoys the open air, sun bathing, or playing beach football. Or if history interests you, visit Lisbon’s symbolic monuments such as the Castelo de Sao Jorge, which was taken from the Moors by King Henrique, the first King of Portugal.
Begin your discount travel to Portugal by taking a flight from Australia to the capital city of Lisbon,one of Europe’s cultural and architectural hubs. Roman and Gothic architecture and modern and traditional Portuguese constructions are scattered across the city, so grab a bottle of water and your camera and set out on a fascinating   walking tour to explore the built environment in the area. If music and nightlife is more your style of experiencing local culture, then don’t   forget to check out all the Bairro Alto bars - the acclaimed blues-fado music is sure to transport you to another world.
Try the delicious seafood and sip the famous port wine from the city of Oporto. This city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Don’t miss a tour of Oporto, either by tram or a boat cruise to admire the city’s stunning, panoramic views.
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Discover Portugal's breathtakingly beautiful scenery comprising of olive groves, wheat fields, vineyards and traditional folk festivals such as the Festival of Crowns, which is famous for the Holy Ghost feast. Admire the groups of girls, wearing crowns of fresh bread loaves and paper flowers to celebrate the festive occasion.
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