Located in the spectacular southern Lake District of Chile, Pucón is often referred to as "the capital of Southern Chile" and is renowned for its nightlife and beautiful views of the Villarrica volcano. Book your holiday package to Pucón with Direct Flights today.

Pucón, Chile


Pucón is a small town that's centrally located in the spectacular southern Lake District of Chile. Despite its small size, Pucón is often referred to as "the capital of Southern Chile" and is known for its renowned nightlife and beautiful views of the Villarrica volcano. A resort town that's popular with international travellers as well as Chileans, Pucón offers whatever type of day trip you can imagine, and travellers often use their accommodation in Pucón as a base from which to explore the surrounding region. Pucón is on the southern shore of Lago Villarrica, and with Volcán Villarrica only 15 km away, a trip there is probably the most popular day trip.       
This lively little town is a bustling beehive of outdoor activity during the day, with rafting, biking, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, climbing nearby Volcán Villarrica and sporting on the black sand beach of Lago Villarrica among the activities that are available. For those inclined toward less strenuous experiences, fine restaurants, trendy shops, pubs and nightclubs are plentiful. Just be aware that this is southern Chile and winter can be harsh - most visitors on discount travel to Pucón arrive during the summer months, December to March, many shops and restaurants are closed during the winter. Accommodation in Pucón can be difficult to arrange in February, the region's busiest month. But any difficulties are worth it, because Pucón, its scenic beauty and its wealth of outdoor activities, are quite inspirational.  Direct Flights can help you book cheap flights and discount accommodation in Pucón whether you hail from Guadalajara, Madrid, Scotland or anywhere else in the world- Direct Flights offers the best travel packages from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.       
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In the end, Pucón is renowned for three things: the lake, the volcano and every type of outdoor sport you can imagine. Pucón offers other things too, including the Mapuche Museo that houses indigenous Mapuche musical instruments, masks, sculptures and other cultural and historical articles.  No visit to Pucón would be complete without a trip up the slopes of Volcán Villarrica. About halfway up you'll find Parque Cuevas Volcanicas, a national park with a glorious mixture of three volcanoes, lakes, and an electrically illuminated cave that leads to crystallised basalt formations.  The nearby Parque Nacional Huerquehue consists of 12,500 hectares of rivers, waterfalls, alpine lakes, and araucaria (Monkey-puzzle tree) forests.       
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