Spain is full of passion and vibrancy, as evidenced in its people, entertainment, cuisine and culture.  If you are ready to experience a sizzling nightlife spent dancing to a screaming beat, and balance it out with relaxing days spent strolling through historic sites and sipping some of the best wine in the world – then get ready for Spain, because Spain is sooo ready for you.

Spain Travel Info, Cheap Flights & All Inclusive Holiday Packages

Once in control of a global empire spanning several continents, Spain is still famous for its vibrant cultural atmosphere. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, throw a tomato during La Tomatina, or get caught up in a passionate flamenco dance in Valencia, a trip to any Spanish city offers a promise of adventure. Book a trip to Spain either on its own or as part of a tour of Europe on Direct Flights now!

Spain sits on the Iberian Peninsula, with its south and east coasts surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. A favourite holiday spot in Europe, Spain’s major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, boast everything from beautiful sandy beaches and great architecture to exquisite food. Travelling around the different cities of Spain is easy with a car. Book car hire options with Direct Flights along with your flights and accommodation, to create your own discount travel package to Spain.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Take a closer look at the famous paintings of Picasso, Van Gogh and Caravaggio in the city’s famous Golden (Art) Museum Triangle, including the famous Museo del Prado. Or rent a car and venture out to Toledo, a medieval walled city once home to the kings of Spain. Afterwards, prepare for a late night enjoying the vibrant nightlife on the streets of Gran Via. Accommodation in Madrid is plenty, with many budget hostels as well as affordable Hotels located in the centre of the city. Cheap accommodation can be booked on Direct Flights prior to departure.

Barcelona is another city in Spain famous for its tourist spots and festivities. Plan your trip to Spain around one of the several festivals held in Barcelona throughout the year, and watch the whole city come alive with live music and theatre, as well as delicious street food. Once in Barcelona, a good way to start exploring the city is to take a walk down La Rambla, a boulevard packed with street performers and markets.

Spain is full of passion and vibrancy. Experience it for yourself and book online with Direct Flights for all your travel needs. From cheap flights to affordable accommodation to discount travel packages to Spain, Direct Flights offers you the best in travel bookings.


Top Cities:
Barcelona | Bilbao | Granada | La Coruna | Madrid | Malaga | Murcia | Palma | Seville | Zaragoza