Cheap Flights to Sri Lanka from Australia

Get cheap flights to Sri Lanka from Australia booked through our agents at Direct Flights with ease and experience a visit to a paradise. Sri Lanka is a miracle island situated in the Indian Ocean just below India and next to Maldives. It was also known by the name Ceylon during British colonization and was known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean due to the island’s shape like a tear drop.

Sightseeing in Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is a paradise flourishing in greenery and wildlife along with beautiful beaches, mountains and rivers. This tropical land has un-spoilt beaches around the island with opportunities to do whale watching, scuba diving, surfing and sunbathing while sipping down a coconut drink. Once you start to move inlands you get the chance to encounter the cultural magnificence created by the people of Sri Lanka through their culinary skills, sculpting and carvings skills along with their friendly attitudes.

Wildlife in Sri Lanka range from elephants to leopards and colourful peacocks to migrating flamingos during the dry season. So its best to carry a camera through out your journey to capture your special moments in picture. There are 14 national parks for you to choose your visits from during your travel along with many religious temples and sacred places to get inspired from cultural heritage.

The best time to book flights to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has two distinct monsoon seasons, but the sun is out there pretty much all year around. The most popular time to visit Sri Lanka is from December to March. This is because it's the dry season in the south of the country. Usually this time period is slightly expensive when compared to the rest of the year. Talk to Direct Fights agents to get cheap flights to Sri Lanka from Australia and book flights for April and November as these two months have relatively low air fare rates.


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