Stockholm is a city where chic boutiques and pavement cafes, world-class nightclubs and modern buildings provide a stimulating contrast to centuries-old palaces and narrow, cobbled streets. Book your travel package to Stockholm with Direct Flights today.

Stockholm, Sweden


One of the world's most picturesque capital cities, Stockholm is located on Sweden's south-eastern coast amidst a large archipelago of rocky islands and islets. Much of Stockholm's beauty stems from the numerous waterways that wend their way throughout the city, but Stockholm is also favoured with crystal blue offshore waters and even bluer summer skies. A stylish, sophisticated fusion of new and old, Stockholm is a city where chic boutiques and pavement cafes, world-class nightclubs and modern buildings provide a stimulating contrast to centuries-old palaces and narrow, cobbled streets.        
Stockholm has long been a key trading centre, with influence all over the Baltic Sea region and beyond. And as the home of a large number of immigrants from other countries, the city features an eclectic blend of cultures that infuse it with a vigorous, confident energy.       
Summer days in Stockholm are bathed in warm sunshine, perfect for strolling through the city and then savouring fresh seafood at one of the restaurants near the water's edge. At night, visitors on Stockholm travel packages can take advantage of the midnight sun by heading for the Stureplan and some of Europe's trendiest clubs. Winters are long, with short days, but there's plenty to do with dozens of museums and art galleries, ice skating on the waterways and cozy pubs lining the streets.       
Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, Stockholm is an exciting destination. You can enjoy this vibrant, sophisticated city and its world-class nightclubs, museums, restaurants and boutiques. Direct Flights: books cheap flights to Stockholm and Stockholm travel packages that also include discount accommodation in Stockholm.        
Stockholm's old town, Gamla Stan, is the historical heart of Stockholm, a walkable maze of picturesque cobbled streets and colourful stucco buildings echoing the city's past. You'll find the Royal Palace, the Swedish parliament building and a beautifully preserved medieval church on this tiny island. Just south is Södermalm, another island, where art galleries, bohemian shops and clubs line the main streets.        
Stockholm boasts about its Drottningholm Palace, northern Europe's most spectacular royal palace and the home of the Swedish royal family. Sometimes called the "Versailles of Sweden," this astounding palace complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes the palace itself, the court theatre and its museum, magnificent gardens and a Chinese Pavilion. Even its location, on an island in Lake Malaren, is amazing. Direct Flights will set up all the arrangements you'll need for discount travel to Stockholm, whether you'll be flying out of Australia, the United States or anywhere else in the world.       
A somewhat surprising find in Stockholm, the Östasiatiskamuseet (Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities) houses an extensive collection of artifacts, fine art and handicrafts from the Far East. Its fascinating displays include everything from Chinese Neolithic pottery to Buddhist sculptures to Qing dynasty porcelain. Another type of "museum," the 17th-century royal warship "Vasa," is the most frequently visited sight in Scandinavia. The world's oldest identified intact ship, it sank in Stockholm harbour almost as soon as it was first launched in 1628. The ship and its hundreds of decorative sculptures, carvings and other royal accoutrements have been carefully restored and offer a glimpse into the privileged life of its time.       
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