Sharing the beautiful Scandinavian Peninsula with Norway and Finland, Sweden is a multifaceted land of cultural contrasts. Travellers on discount holidays to Sweden can explore thick verdant forests, remote rocky islands and famously crystal-clear blue offshore waters. Book your holiday package to Sweden with Direct Flights today.


Sharing the beautiful Scandinavian Peninsula with Norway and Finland, Sweden is a multifaceted land of cultural contrasts. While urban Sweden is stylish, modern and sophisticated, the charming, sometimes quaint Swedish countryside features everything from nomadic Arctic Laplanders in the north to strong Danish influences amidst the simple farms of the far south.
Sweden is skiing during snowbound winters, thick verdant forests, remote rocky islands and crystal-clear blue offshore waters. Sweden is the midnight sun of the north, where the sun never rises in the winter and never sets in the summer. Sweden is exquisite scenery of a gentler, more pastoral and less rugged nature than Norway, full of thousands of lakes and a reserved, calm beauty.  Sweden is elegant and urbane, with dozens of museums, mediaeval buildings, boutiques and cafes in Stockholm alone.
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Stunning Stockholm, Sweden's capital on the south-eastern coast is laced with waterways and spread across an archipelago of 24,000 islets. One of the most beautiful major cities in the world, Stockholm is a vibrant, sophisticated city, with world-class nightclubs, museums, restaurants and boutiques. But Stockholm's old town, Gamla Stan, is a walkable maze of cobbled streets and colourful stucco buildings that hearken to the past.  See it all with your own eyes; Direct Flights books the cheapest flights and best travel deals for holidays to Sweden.
Gothenburg, an affluent city on Sweden's south-western coast, boasts Scandinavia's largest harbour and a longstanding seafaring tradition. A chic city where clubs and cafes line the streets, Gothenburg still manages to retain a strong sense of its local character and cultural traditions. And during the summer it's an outdoor paradise: nearby islands and islets offer swimming, sunbathing and sailing just offshore. Marvellous Malmö, connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge and tunnel and strongly influenced by Denmark, is the most "continental" of Sweden's cities. Jaw-dropping architecture, unique arts and crafts galleries and modern art museums add to its appeal. Direct Flights will help you plan your discount travel to Sweden and then set up your arrangements from the convenience of your computer. And even better, Direct Flights will get the best travel deals available.  No matter where you’re coming from- Japan, New York City, Mexico, or anywhere else- Direct Flights has a travel package for you.
Uppsala, home to a spectacular cathedral from the Middle Ages and an impressive Renaissance castle, is Sweden's fourth-largest city, and one of its oldest. Home of one of the most spectacular castles in Sweden, Kalmar also boasts Sweden's largest gold hoard, removed from a centuries-old ship, along with picturesque buildings and cobblestone streets. Lund, founded by the Danes more than 1,000 years ago, is filled with rich history and a mighty cathedral that was the seat of the largest archbishopric in Europe. And Gotland, an island in the centre of the Baltic Sea, features about historic Viking sites and Medieval churches and numerous prehistoric and Viking sites.
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