It's a city with a friendly ambience that's typical of the region and in consonance with its warm light. The capital of the Midi-Pyrenees region, Toulouse is sometimes called the "Ville Rose" for the pink stones of many of its buildings. Book discount accommodation in Toulouse with Direct Flights.

Toulouse, France


Located in South-West France in the Midi-Pyrenees region, Toulouse is one of France's most beautiful cities and is the fourth largest behind Paris, Marseille and Lyon. Blessed with light that's an almost golden colour, the special light of Toulouse bestows a very gentle, warm aura over the entire city. A vibrant, modern city that also boasts a large dash of history and culture, Toulouse is absolutely bursting with life and things to see. Arrange your next         holiday by booking discount travel packages from Australia to Toulouse with Direct Flights.
It's a city with a friendly ambience that's typical of the region and in consonance with its warm light.  The capital of the Midi-Pyrenees region, Toulouse is sometimes called the "Ville Rose" for the pink stones of many of its buildings.  The city's historic capitol building with its typical pink stone, together with the capital square, are a hub of activity with a very large market in the courtyard.  Most of the inner city's destinations are within easy walking distance:  visitors on discount Toulouse travel packages can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the historic city centre alongside the Canal du Midi and stop for a mid-day break at one of the city's many sidewalk cafes.
While you're there, the Canal du Midi is a must-see and an engineering wonder:  a 240 km long canal that connects the Garonne River to the Étang de Thau on the Mediterranean Sea. Together with the Canal de Garonne, the Canal du Midi forms the Canal des Deux Mers, joining the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.  The Canal du Midi is the oldest working canal in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, constructed during the reign of Louis XIV. Book discount accommodation in Toulouse with Direct Flights and stay beside the Canal du Midi.
And every visitor on holiday in Toulouse must walk around the city at night.  A new high-tech lighting plan gives the city's architecture a different face at night, with lighting that enhances the beauty and variety of Toulouse's districts, bridges and monuments.  Plan and book destination activities in Toulouse while you're planning your discount holiday to France with Direct Flights.
Steeped in 2,000 years of history, yet hip and lively, the enchanting Toulouse is a food connoisseur's heaven, offering culinary delights that run the gamut from French haute cuisine to western fast food. Toulouse also hosts a wide variety of shopping options, with internationally-renowned  fashion, jewellery and leather goods as well as neighbourhood open-air and covered markets where you'll find locally-produced products. With Direct Flights, you can book cheap flights from Australia to Toulouse that depart from Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, Townsville, Adelaide or Hobart!
Toulouse is one of the centres of the European aerospace industry and the home of Airbus, the Galileo positioning system, the SPOT satellite system, and Toulouse Space Centre, the largest space centre in Europe.  The Cité de l'Espace (Space City) is a theme park focused on space and space travel.   While at Space City, travellers on cheap holidays to Toulouse can see full scale models of an Ariane 5 rocket, Mir space station, and Soyuz modules, participate in the numerous interactive exhibits, or see the stars at one of the planetariums. Book tickets to museums and galleries in Toulouse when oprganising your discount holiday to Toulouse with Direct Flights.
In contrast to its high-tech aerospace attractions, the city also offers up historical and cultural sights to experience during your discount travel to Toulouse. The city is chock-full of fascinating museums, art galleries and historic churches and mansions. For example, The Georges Labit Museum, dedicated to ancient art and artifacts from the Far-Eastern and Egyptian civilisations, is housed in a Moorish villa. The Musée des Augustins de Toulouse features a collection of sculpture and paintings that date from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century, with a particularly rich assemblage of Romanesque sculpture. And the size and beauty of the nave of Saint-Sernin's basilica, a Roman inspired church that's considered to be the largest in the western world, must be seen to be believed.
You can also use your accommodation in Toulouse as a base to explore the region surrounding the city.  Mediaeval Albi is the birthplace of artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and the village is home to a museum housing some of his works. The fortified Cathar villages of St-Antonin, Puycelsci, Bruniquel and Penne all perch at the top of the spectacular Gorge d'Aveyron to the north-east.   And the old walled city of Carcassonne, along with the stunning landscapes of the Pyrénées, are not far away.
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